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    Timeline of Trump rally shooting and investigation into attempted assassination

    Here's a timeline of the events at former President Donald Trump's rally that ended with a shooting and assassination attempt in Butler, Pennsylvania.

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    One Tech Tip: Protecting yourself against SIM swapping

    SIM-swapping is a growing form of identity theft that goes beyond hacking into an email or social media account. In this case, the thieves take over your phone number. Any protections consumers enabled to secure access to their financial accounts, such as two-factor authentication texts, now can aid attackers and lock out owners.

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    After Beryl, Houston-area farmers pull together to face unique challenges

    Hurricanes cause trouble for everyone, but farmers have a whole other list of problems. Beryl has been no exception: Over the past week, the storm damaged crops, soaked rabbits and chickens, terrified goats, put horses at risk of developing colic and left cows without fences to keep them penned in. “We all take care of each other,” said Tracy Hord, 57, who owns an equestrian facility with her husband Greg on the outskirts of Houston, which boards and trains horses.