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  • B
    $CBDT.CN conversation
    It's the same story again... When $WELL was around a Dollar I remember the same happened. I kept my shares and now it's close enough to $9. Doing the same for $CBDT. Likely my last day looking at this forum or typing any messages. See you all next year or even this year when this hits $10. Until then GLTA. God Bless!
  • D
    $WELL.TO conversation
    What we are seeing right now is a rotation towards stocks signaling the end of Covid combined with a sell off in big tech stocks, this has been pulling down teledoc and telehealth generally. Of course we all know telehealth is here to stay and it will be a market that expands like no other (certainly more than the sectors that are hot right now - like cruise lines?...pff) and i think the most important take away is the WELL did better than any other comparable telehealth stock (and least the ones people pretend are comparable to well). Either way pay no heed to that price action all it means is a buying opportunity. #well #theperfecthedge #well fam
  • M
    CloudMD Software & Services Inc.
    Once the private placement offering at $2.7 is completed & current Teslamania is calmed, the next support will be $3.25. With uplisting, the SP of CloudMD will be above $5 and then racing to catch up with $WELL. Just my opinion....
  • R
    $D-UN.TO conversation
    Good REIT Update and 2021 Outlook:

  • s
    $DND.TO conversation
    pretend it doesn't exist. market is tanking, end of march these stocks will hit the roof god willingly.. be patient guys!
  • T
    The Real Canadian
    $EWLL conversation
    This company has a niche tele-health platform that could be a takeout target for well health Technologies $WELL or Telus. $T.TO Lots of consolidation happening in this space. I like that they have a growing client base and have demonstrated revenue in a niche market, lots of stocks trading much higher with no revenue
  • Y
    $WELL.TO conversation
    We trust SP not company, SP tells truth, not company. The false hype of $WELL.TO is done, half year ago, DONE!

    GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN, or you will regret when you see 7 range soon 🤣🤡🤣

    Again, congrats to people sold at 9.8, you can laugh harder at these bagholders now 😂😂😂
  • A
    $SHG $SHGFF -Forecasted annual revenue run rate now over $45 million and EBITDA run rate of $5.5 million after closing of the transaction...

    passing 2020 Revenue of $WELL (WELL Health Technologies Corp) which is trading at $6 USD on $39M rev

    One final note on acquisition - $SHG post transaction, cash on hand of approx. $12 million.
  • B
    MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc.
    DRDR is a discount #WELL and a much larger #DOC. Larger presence with equal revenues to WELL. Experienced senior leadership team with extensive growth experience. Get on this ship while you can!
  • P
    $TDOC dipped today since Amazon has announced they will most likely push into the Telehealth space. This increases the chance of $DOCRF and $DOC.V or $WELL.TO getting acquired because we all know Amazon does not grow organically. I’ll be buying any dips sub $2.10. This thing will eventually fly like a SpaceX rocket 🚀..... but hopefully it won’t land like one lol.
  • A
    $CTS.V conversation
    shades of $well
  • M
    Tripled on $WELL & Doubled on $DOC. God is good. What a year 🥳😊
  • M
    Owner of $Well with 8k and $DOC with 30k shares. Keep buying my good people. Best investment I ever made.
  • S
    $DOC.V conversation
    Canadian Stocks for the NEXT BULLISH MARKET
    1. $Doc - 50%
    2. $Well - 25%
    3. $Food - 20%
    4. $Flt - 5%
  • P
    Currently holding tens of thousands shares of $DOC.V as well as 2,000 shares of WELL. I did however add to my position in WELL today. Both companies represent an incredible growth opportunity which is simply expedited by the now resurgent virus. I chose to add to $WELL.TO because of their huge amount of cash on hand. Some acquisitions should be coming.
  • D
    Dr. Oddz
    $AMWL conversation
    Own these 4 $tdoc $doc.v $amwl and $ future of healthcare
  • H
    Bought this and $ last week at their high, down more than 10% on both of them today after averaging down.
    Im supeeer bullish on tellehealth sector and im holding for years, I would just like some second thoughts on wether these 2 stocks are the strong ones in this sector
  • M
    5k on $Well and 20k on $DOC
    God is good man.
    Good morning friends
  • N
    $WELL conversation
    New proud shareholder of $WELL. Great company, and great environment for growth with the aging population.
  • S
    $DOC.V conversation
    $CLOUDMD SOFTWARE big fan of Canadian healthcare technology companies. our healthcare system is oddly archaic in certain areas. it's in need of technology, technology that will streamline our system, technology that will save taxpayers money. $CLOUDMD SOFTWARE is a great growth potential stock. still trading low. it's a perfect buy for anyone who missed the boat with $WELL HEALTH TECH #bullish #Potential #Healthcare