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    $NEE.V conversation
    Now might be the perfect time to get into gold before it’s too late due to inflation concerns. Since hitting lows back in April, gold prices have been steadily rising back up, recently reaching USD 1880+ per oz. At this rate, gold will reach USD 2000 per oz by summer, helping $NEE generate even more revenue from their Moss Mine while they also explore new mining opportunities.

    $NEE is definitely a solid company because they have the Moss Mine, which produces nearly 40k oz per year and is still exploring new opportunities. Recent drill results showed extreme promise, and I'm even more excited for what the future holds!
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    $NEE.V conversation
    $NEE News

    $NEE just welcomed Raymond Threlkeld to the Board of Directors. Mr. Threlkeld is a seasoned mining professional with more than thirty years of experience in mineral exploration, mine operations and construction and executive management. Northern Vertex Chairman Douglas J. Hurst commented, "Ray is a recognized leader in our industry . . . He has a proven track record of technical and business successes that has continually created value for shareholders."

    Results from $NEE ‘s multi-phase infill and resource expansion drilling program at the Moss Mine in NW Arizona have been released.


    - 21.34 meters grading 1.98 g/t Gold and 23.75 g/t Silver in drillhole AR21-424R.
    - 22.86 meters grading 1.32 g/t Gold and 17.43 g/t Silver in hole AR21-425R.
    - Drilling indicates economically significant mineralization extends at least 140 meters from mining operations and remains open.

    Great news for $NEE and a definite catalyst for growth, current MC is $143.64M.

    Check it out
    2021 | Northern Vertex Mining Corp.
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    $NEE.V conversation
    A Great write up flexing both the Northern Vertex story of Moss Mine and Hercules, as well as Doug Hurst's past and current successes. We have the winning combo - top tier projects and top tier management to generate value for us!

    Certainly worth a read if you are looking for exposure to #gold #silver. $NEE.V offers exposure as a gold producer, but also massive upside in exploration as they expand the resource and deposits at Moss, as well as at Hercules.
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    $NEE.V conversation
    $NEE recently announced amazing drilling results at the Moss Mine in NW Arizona- they intersected 28.96 m grading 2.28 g/t gold and 28.84 g/t silver in Resource Expansion Drilling. The Ruth and Moss are about 175m apart at surface but intersects at a depth of about 100m below the Moss Mine's Center pit.

    Northern Vertex is a company with 2 projects in Nevada and Arizona, has a combination of cash flow, production, strong management team, and promising exploration potential. $NEE closed today at $0.39 with a mc of only $149.39M. With gold prices steadily increasing (recently reached $1880+/oz), I'm feeling very bullish about this one.

    Here's the link to the drilling results:
    Northern Vertex Intersects 28.96 Meters Grading 2.28 g/t Gold and 28.84 g/t Silver in Resource Expansion Drilling at the Moss Mine, Arizona | Northern Vertex Mining Corp.
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    $NEE.V conversation
    $NEE.v , glad to see some action with new board member Raymond Threlkeld
  • I
    Inky Yuki
    $BEPC vs $NEE vs $NEP ? Which is the best long term? Are there others to consider?
    I own all three, but curious what the board’s opinion.
  • J
    Jim Lahey
    Tesla should buy $NEE
    Next era energy. This deal would have huge synergy and solidify Tesla’s energy business ambitions.
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    Jim Lahey
    Best stock to be in period! $NEE can’t tell the diff between Bulls and bears
  • J
    Jim Lahey
    $TSLA should buy $NEE and create a renewable energy fortress!
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    I am not a shareholder, but my retirement funds owns quite a bit. Tik Tok decided to go with Oracle instead of Microsoft. That’s $nee 30 billion annual revenue from tik tok US. It will revive oracle, new player in social media, I know tik tok has definitely taken over Snapchat. Congrats to all the Longs!
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    $NEE conversation
    These incredible companies are primed to make the most of the renewables growth story.
    These incredible companies are primed to make the most of the renewables growth story.
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    $NEE conversation
    Why the big drop today???
  • L
    $NEE conversation
    Time to BUY NEE is now when its down and speculation regarding interest rates going higher. NEE is so profitable that any higher rates outweighs NOT buying.
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    $NEE conversation
    The big question is, what's the stock going to do with a yes or a no?
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    $SLITE.ST conversation
    Just bought in now (5000 shares @57.60) , I’m excited about this stock and the potential it has. $SLITE.ST is my #1, but $NEE is a close second!

    Best of luck to all. I’ll check back in next week!
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    Jim Lahey
    Breaking*** TSLA to acquire $NEE in all stock deal. Reuter reports details announced after hours
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    Joel Carson
    $NEE conversation
    When was the last split and what was the price at the time of the split?
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    $NEE conversation
    How about NEEpR, the NextEra preferred? Maybe less quick upside, more than compensated by 5+ % dividend.
  • b
    $NEE conversation
    I don't know when split, or if it will, because some years ago management indicated they would rather the stock trade at a higher value in order to keep "day traders" from increasing the volatility of the stock.
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    NextEra Energy, Inc.
    when is the next split