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    Wall St.
    $BARK conversation
    After its IPO $CHWY went from circa $38 to low $20s. Now it's in $80 th. $Bark is going through the same path. After its first earnings report, Bark will find its path. Be patient. Original Barkbox is a great company. It is just matter of time and earnings.
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    Wall St.
    $BARK conversation
    Lots of people are buying $BARK and $CHWY products, yet they have no idea, They are publically trading company ..
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    Wall St.
    $BARK conversation
    Few people know about $BARK yet they use its products. I congecture, $cHWY and $Woof Investors should vtake a look a original Bark Co. Bark building new executive team. Institutions buying it below $10. Spread 5he News among dog owners and savvy invesors. This 8s $30 stock at the worst scenario, in few years. It is trading below SPAC.
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    K B B
    $BARK conversation
    ACCUMULATE !!! BARK is so undervalued with a $1.9B market cap. Let's compare. $CHWY at $32B. $WOOF and $FRPT at $7B. $TRUP at $4B. BARK should be at least $3B market cap or around $18 per share
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    Wall St.
    $BARK conversation
    $BARK is a winner. It has everything and more, that dog 🐕 owners need for its dogs. Moreover, unlike $woof Bark doesn't use bricks and mortars. Huge savings on leases. In addition to recurring subscription, Bark sells its products at $TGT and on $AMZN.
    $Chwy went from $20 and trading at circa $75. Bark will get there as well. It is just matter of time and patience. I am certain they will add pet insurance as $TRUP. Just be patient. This is a winner. Buy as much as you can at this level.
  • n
    I bought some shares early on and have always wanted to add more. I was hoping for a dip and it looks like I found one. I’ll be watching this closely and will add more when the selling pressure subsides.
    GL all!

    Build your own pet ETF! $WOOF $PETS $CHWY $STIC $PAWZ
  • L
    $WOOF is at $25 , $CHWY is at $75, $FRPT is at $180, $STIC is currently way undervalued , we will be $BARK and catch up soon !
  • W
    $Chwy continues rapid climb while $WOOF languishes. I hope the leadership is not considering another secondary…the long term thesis in WOOF is stellar.
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  • U
    $CVET conversation
    $CVET and $GIS are so under the radar in animal care/products, while $ZTS and $CHWY thrive. CVET needs a new pr firm....
  • H
    ONLINE SHOPPING is here to stay. With that said, let’s look at where the bargains are at:

    $OSTK is looking very attractive — trading at a discounted bargain price. Look at the Revenue Growth of $OSTK compared to $CHWY:

    $CHWY had 50.8% Revenue Growth last quarter (YoY) —> and trades at a 4.83 Price/Sales (ttm).

    $OSTK had 84.4% Revenue Growth last quarter (YoY) —> and trades at ONLY 1.12 Price/Sales (ttm) ✅ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OVERSTOCK $OSTK has ⭐️18 Blockchain Companies ⭐️ — one of which is TZERO ✅.

    Important growth catalyst: TZERO will do a $100 Million IPO ✅ soon!

    $OSTKO & $OSTK are a “Strong Buy” —> but also TZERO’s $TZROP 10% of Adjusted Gross Revenues Preferred Equity Dividend Tokens —> $TZROP has huge upside potential — and the potential to pay out a “Power Ball” size quarterly dividend —> as volumes on the TZERO ATS Trading Platform could surge higher when the “merger” of Cryptocurrencies with Digital Securities & all N.M.S. Publicly Traded Stocks are added.
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    $HYLN conversation
    Months from now there will be big time revelations about this current stock market game and the conspiring/ manipulation going on. When it comes to light, it we will all look back and say I knew something fishy was going on. But right now, the market is unhinged, possibly the big boys flexing after the gme catastrophe. Huge coordinated market-wide sell offs happening in minutes, no stock fundaments being considered. All stocks in certain sectors trading the exact same, regardless of sales, new partnerships, or any company specific news. Just look at the nasdaq day chart today.

    $fsr $bidu $nvax $sava $ride $fubo $chwy
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    $CHWY conversation
    I'm a customer. $CHWY made me (+I have a few other similar anecdotes of the same) a lifelong customer by allowing me to keep/donate to shelters items I've purchased and intended to exchange that didn't "fit" (i.e. doggy harness & even a crate). Awesome customer acquisition model don't know any other co's doing the same. +my orders arrive next day. LONG & BULLISH
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    Wall St.
    $STIC conversation
    Look at $CHWY, it started negatively after IPO. Now it is in a coud nine . $STIC. $Bark is selling on $AMZN $COST Costco and all major Pet Stors. i.e Petco. They are going internationally. They use AI to automate its website. Think long term. Think how many pet owners, will buy anything for their dogs. They may go into pet insurance as well. Do not be miopic. Look through binoculars. 😂 Cheers
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    Build your own Pet ETF. $CHWY $WOOF $STIC $ZOM
  • g
    I believe that $CHWY has established itself as a powerhouse in a niche market space and is able to capitalize on customers through ‘pet humanization’

    Have done so by having very competitive price points, fast shipping 1-2 days max, all backed by excellent customer service.
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    Wall St.
    $WOOF conversation
    $chwy also went down after IPO.
    To low $20s now it's over $100.
    Do stop coming. Buy more on sale and hold it.
    Check $STIC soon to be $BARK
    Dogs need to eat. People spend more on dogs than on themselves. LoL
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    $FDX conversation
    Chewy - Sell The Chewy Express - Best On The Street
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    Steve Cohen
    $VEGA.CN conversation
    For those that have a problem with Dollinger or Ryan Cohen (both are best friends and long time partners), you should pay attention to the successful ventures more than the one that didn't go that well (btw, the not so well was valued at $1.2B...). No doubt, $VEGA will be more than $1.2B. $CHWY is an excellent reminder of what $VEGA is...

    Anyone that doubts Dollinger should do their DD on Dollinger and Ryan Cohen relationship. I am told Dollinger is following Ryan's advice and steps to built the second Chewy but in PlantX.

    Good luck longs.
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    Don’t rush to buy $CHWY. That IPO has huge FLOAT. This one $FVRR will run higher like $BYND $CRWD. Very small float