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    Stock going ex dividend would think it would be going up
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    Oracle looking to acquiring Accenture?

    Oracle doing due diligence on Accenture. Yep, you read that right
    Big Red hires consultancies to eye up consultancy
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    anyone following? thoughts on earninga
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  • What happened?
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    Got a great report from about $ACN. I did have to subscribe but it was worth the time. Thank you guys for the tip! Making money trading stocks. Preliminary operational tests are inconclusive.(the darn thing just blew up when we threw the switch.)

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    Incredibly positive RSI 37.65 - last time this happened the ACN rallied. lionSta!ckAlerts was right regarding this when they informed me about this last night.
  • Publié dans Accenture plc
    ACN moved because they are going to realize large financial gains if/when the US tax code changes!
  • Publié dans $ACN conversation
    Anybody have an idea as to why ACN shot up almost $2.50 yesterday? Didn't see any news....
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    GRSU looks like a stock that should be on everyones trading screen today. This stock has already moved up nicely this week and looks to be setting up for another run higher.
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    Any thoughts on why Accenture is moving up?
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    Who thinks $ACN is fair value right now?