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  • Z
    $LI conversation
    20th National Congress of China will be held in November 2022.
    MSCI China is on average up 31% 12 months leading to the National Congress. Why ?
    The Chinese government usually would stimulate the economy to show good statistics before the Congress meetings.

    US market's meltdown should have little to no correlation with the Chinese internet sector anymore.
  • Z
    Zhihu Inc.
    Chinese government just announced that they want local institutional investors to increase equity investments. This could benefit HK and Shanghai stonks alot. Names like $ZH, which are dual- primary listed in HK and US can be invested by mainland investors under the stock connect scheme. Super bullish but market ain't aware of that yet.

    The CSRC also announced they have been meeting with the PCAOB on a weekly basis to sort out auditing issues and will be done with it in the near-term.
    CSRC again confirmrd that foreign-listing is the way forward because Chinese financial markets are still underdeveloped.

    HK lockdown just ended and Shanghai's one is recovering and coming to an end in the coming week. Comparing the two nations from a monetary policy perspective, CN gov is easing while the US is tightening. It's a no brainer to buy China now.

    Not to mention how many of the stocks have low PE , trades less than book value and have lots of cash and can still perform share buybacks. Load up and start printing some RMB with me !
    Buy China in larger proportions and sell US is the way forward in the coming year.

  • E
    $SPCE conversation
    All the retail shareholders who are going to get spooked out of $DIDI, $YMM and $BZ, tomorrow, will be buying $SPCE.
  • B
    $YMM conversation
    Every day $YMM is getting a major beating. I expect $10 very soon
  • E
    $NEGG conversation
    Is $DDOG worth $33 billion? No, of course not! Is $YMM worth $17 billion? No, of course not! Is $SNOW worth $78 billion? No, of course not! But, they are worth that much because their floats are so small. Similarly, $NEGG, $AMZN lite, will be valued very highly, because the founders hold 99% of the shares.
  • a
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $YMM $TAL Got a freebie for you guys ! This should be a temporary bottom,get ready to play the bounce!
  • C
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $MNSO $WIMI been here a long time. Their little game will be over or have to change.🏇 $YMM
  • b
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $YMM $WB So my advice, if you care for it, is basically set your own personal safe price target and date when you take the position and then stick to it.
  • d
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $YMM Everybody does not want to be discouraged ,rise sooner or later come back!
  • M
    Mmmm, R
    $YMM conversation
    Is this what you call, Monday accumulation??

    Fintech is the future-

    Let's defy gravity. Rocket, baby!

    EV Play
    $LI $YMM
  • d
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $YMM I think it is poo pooed today . But if it executes, it's a winner long term.