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Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLK)

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    $SPY conversation
    Hey hey, I bought $XLK for $141.69 and sold at $141.84. That's 0.1%. Not much but every little bit counts.
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    ARK Innovation ETF
    All of these Wallstreet Bets stocks will crash, they have no fundementals. Stay the course, buy high quality stocks and etfs. The diligent investor will win in the end. $MSFT $NIO $AAPL $ARKW $VGT $TSLA $TQQQ $XLK
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    SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
    confession: I bought the dip at the open. $XLY and $XLK. Things are going well so far
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    $MS conversation
    I really like Morgan's call on $MSFT of an almost 50% return within 12 months time, just like I did when they put a similar target for $AMZN at end of last year. However, as I've pointed out before, as an investor I prefer to allocate my money to a leveraged index fund/ETF rather than specific stocks. As we saw with $FB, single stock headline risk is a reality. So although Amazon & Microsoft have both outperformed the $XLK in the past approx. 3 years, AMZN: 250%, MSFT: 120%, $XLK: 65%...

    However, the 3X Leveraged Technology ETF- $TECL - has had a return of 235% quite similar to Amazon's, with a Sharpe Ratio of around 1.55 vs. 1.72 for MSFT and 2.01 for AMZN. To me, the slightly higher risk that you endure for receiving somewhat lower excess return is not a bad thing considering the alternative, which is headline specific stock risk...but of course that all is true if your main thesis is that tech stocks will be positive for the year. Otherwise, if you believe, like I do, that it is quite impossible to predict where stocks will end up by end of year, the next best possible decision, is to look at your portfolio at the end of each week, deciding if you are staying long, going neutral, or selling short your leveraged ETF's...

    With all that being said and regardless of all this, since I am a contrarian I will not follow my own investment thesis about index investing, I will trust what the professionals at MS, JPM and others recommend, just like I described back at the end of January.

    And with that, I hope whoever is reading this now understands through my detailed demonstration, why a contrarian is forced to follow financials and not their own investment ideas...

    Cheers, AP
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    $AAPL conversation
    Hello friends, today is the best day to buy these above listed stock to add in your portfolio! You rarely get the chance to buy in this dip. Add and hold for long!!
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    $SPY conversation
    Sold $XLK and $XLY. Made $$$$. Still have some postions in $XLV and $XLU. I hope those rise in price so I can sell them off and get as much cash as possible. I'm either going to buy $ERY if $XLE rises or $TECL if $XLK continues to drop.
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    Update: PLTR has just outperformed $XLK .. and outperformed forecasted MA
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    Volume 38m
    Outperformed $XLK
    Outperformed daily moving average
    Most active in top 10 today
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    The Select Sector SPDR Trust - The Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund
    this chat is full of puffers and fluffers. who do not put up a penny of there own cash.
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    Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF
    in anyone's IRA?
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    $XLK conversation
    New Yahoo format.....more flash, less flesh. What happened to the ability to see the current market for all ten of the top holdings in funds/ETF's? This was NOT an improvement.
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    $SPY conversation
    Ok folks, the question of the day is: Will tech finish down for the 8th straight day? $XLK
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    $XLK conversation
    $XLK......... Hear Me out…If you arThey don’t want you to know about Loin Stock AlertsQ....... because these guys are the best at what they do. They only alert trending momentum stocks, NO BS and no fluff…
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    $XLI conversation
    Implied Volatility (IV) is Lower in All 9 S&P Sector ETFs. SPY, XLY, XLP and XLI at moderate to high levels while $XLK $XLU $XLV $XLY $XLF $XLE XLB Sector IVs are subdued.

    SPY, XLY, XLP and XLI at moderate to high levels while the remaining Sector IVs are subdued.
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    $XLK conversation
    Hear Me out…If you are trying to become a serious trader then you NEED to research LoinStockAlerts. They have send me some solid trades recently.
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    $XLK conversation
    The last play I got from Awesome Stocks made me 46% in just a few days. They only alert nas and nyse so no OTC scams to worry about.
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    $XLK conversation
    $XLK Skew - Bearish Sentiment
    $XLK 47.70-0.12 (-0.3%)Tech Select Sector Spd
    Traders are pricing in a larger-than-average implied volatility premium to buy downside puts relative to upside calls. Currently, the downside puts are trading at a +38.6% premium to upside calls, but the 52-week average is +35.7%. This suggests that traders believe there is more short-term risk to the downside than to the upside, and they are paying higher premiums to guard against that risk.
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    $XLK conversation
    when does it go x-dividend next?
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    $XLK conversation
    Looking for day/swing momentum trades? LoinStockAlerts has you covered. They call it like it is without all the fluff.
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    all in
    Technology Select Sector SPDR ETF
    down $5 after hours