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  • G
    G Gordon Liddys’ Ghost
    I’m up over 1.1% today while the S&P 500 is down 0.33%, is it luck or just good timing? 2022 is going to be a good year for patient and wise stock pickers $RTX $XOM $BMY $JPM $VZ $DOW $PG $T $O $CPB
  • C
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $MVIS $WIMI $VZ 🚗🚗🚗WiMi announced the patent of holographic AR head-mounted display, by using retina scanning display (RSD) and semi-permeable membrane array planar waveguide technology.They are having real products, unlike companies with prototype news.... 🚙🚙🚙WIMI Announces It Has Obtained FCC Approval, and 'WIMI Hologram Soft Light' Will Enter the US Market🛷🛷✨
  • B
    $APPL’s market cap hits $3 Trillion. They sell wireless devices to $TMUS. $TMUS selling off again today. $VZ and $T up on heavy volume. Mike Sievert needs to go. Seriously…
  • B
    Mike Sievert: This has been all over Twitter today. $VZ and $T ready for big moves. Are you awake? BTW, how many 5-G capable phones has T-Mobile even sold VS the overall number of subscribers? Get to work!!

    Huge @verizon announcement launching 5G C-Band in 46 Markets, 100 million coverage with 1 GBit/s speeds. Full go to market plan with new price plans and new equipment for consumer and business. Very impressive.
  • D
    $BA conversation
    Great news overnight for Dow companies that get these federal defense contracts.
    "The National Defense Authorization Act, the annual must-pass legislation that sets the policy agenda and authorizes almost $770 billion in funding for the Department of Defense, passed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday night."

    $BA $VZ $LMT $RTX $GE
  • B
    $AAPL market cap now at $2.95 Trillion…That’s higher then $T $VZ and $TMUS combined. $AAPL sells wireless devices to the big 3. Mike Sievert is still CEO of T-Mobile….
  • B
    $AAPL’s market cap at closing is $2.94 T. Tim Apple sells wireless devices to companies like $T $VZ and $TMUS. Without those networks though, AAPL IPHONES would be just very expensive cameras….
  • O
    Verizon Communications Inc.
    I will need to add more shares as time goes on $VZ $WIMI
  • r
    Verizon Communications Inc.
    This is a long term investment $VZ $VENA
  • B
    Marketing and Execution.
    Wireless paying customers basically have 3 companies to choose service from. Does Seivert understand clearly what separates one company from the other two? As a wireless customer, why do YOU choose say $TMUS over $VZ or $T? Probably COST and PERFORMANCE, right?
    Would be interested in hearing serious feedback on this.
  • d
    don lemon's finger
    $WMT conversation
    unless you have access to $VZ or $GOOG fiber, your internet is not 'cheaper' and 'better'

  • B
    Mike Seivert. T-Mobile’s marketing s.U.c.K.s.
    Over the weekend I kept seeing commercial after commercial on the cable channels by $T $VZ and $TMUS. They all basically said the same thing including the IPhone rebates blah blah. Nothing about TMUS that would differentiate from the others. Nothing that would convince a T or VZ sub to come to TMUS. Nothing about the T-Mobile networks Lightning fast 5G system on the new iPhone 13 and a monthly COST that is LOWER then the other carriers.
    Bring John Legere back and soon.
  • p
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $CRM $VZ $WIMI Currently, WiMi has 195 holographic related patents and 325 software copyrights. Recently they awarded "Technology Invvovation" for Y2020-21. WIMI also Announces Its Entry into 3D Holographic Pulse Lidar Products, and Significant Development of Consumer-Grade Lidar
  • g
    $VZ conversation
    Buffet needs to buy 30% $VZ and 49% T
  • e
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $VZ there is nobody on this site that can accurately predict what this is going to do from day to day .
  • B
    $AAPL who sells devices to $T $VZ and $TMUS reached a all time market cap high today of $3.87 Trillion. Tail continues to wag dog.
  • S
    $T conversation
    $T, $VZ, $MSFT, $FB, $QCOM, $GOOG, $CMCSA, $K, $BAC, $C, $GS, $JPM
    - just buy and hold. then you can retire no matter where you start.
  • d
    Verizon Communications Inc.
    Lets stick together and show them we matter too. $VZ $WIMI
  • B
    APPL closing in on a new 52 week high. T-Mobile closing in on a new 52 week low. The FCC/FAA will eventually work out the alleged interference issues with $T and $VZ. Why isn’t SEIVERT exploiting this across the media? John Legere would have.