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  • v
    $WDC conversation
    $STX up, $MU flat

    WTH is problem with WDC?

    Why is that we are always loser?
  • j
    $WDC conversation
    I don't get it. Why is $STX getting a forward PE of 15 while $WDC is only getting 10? Is Seagate up for sale?
  • A
    $STX conversation
    Seagate data storage $stx looking very good. As World goes more online, $stx should Benefit

    M.cap 25.5B
    Revenue 11.45!
    P/E 16.7
    Eps 6.85
    Div 2.8

    Technicals: upside triangle,14 points possible in 2,5months
  • G
    $WDC conversation
    @Andrew-X Let's circle back around and not get lost in the weeds. You initial claim is:
    Seagate's Exos X14 14TB disk drive for data centers ... offering ... almost DOUBLE the transfer speed" of the closest WDC HDD. I say that drive IS NOT double the transfer speed. Bring me a valid spec sheet from $STX to support the claim. No marketing spiels - just a datasheet. $STX makes those datasheets for all their other drives, they should have one for the Exos X14.

    You also make a claim that $STX needs to grow 50% to match WDC market cap. Well, yeah, that's fairly obvious. I contend $STX cannot do that on HDD alone. So how is it going to do that? Explain.
  • v
    $MU conversation
    Does anyone know why $STX valuation so much richer than MU?

    MU has much better margins
    MU has much better balance sheet
  • G
    $STX Seagate bought into fund in 2015 and 2016 25b in $XRP Ripple. Look it up-
  • S
    Sammy Snead
    #STX and #AMD the dynamic duo today!!!
  • d
    $STX conversation
    What happened to the conversation where I said this?

    "dana23 hours agoReplied to a reaction
    $STX conversation
    Witches are brewing the books. Anyone got an eye of newt?"

    HappyDance also had a comment in that convo. Original poster delete his, or did yahoo?
  • E
    We're earnings that bad? I didn't see it. This seems like classic market over reaction to me.
  • M
    $STX conversation
    w said STX was over valued at $66 5 months ago. w is for always WRONG.

    5 months ago
    $STX conversation
    w: "no business at $66"
  • m
    $STX conversation
    Yahoo's new board format sucks, like Yahoo. What idiots
  • M
    $STX conversation
    3 months ago
    $STX conversation
    w: "no business at $66"
  • W
    $WDC conversation

    Down 20% when it was already down 20%... and so the story goes, been talking oversold for months now this thing is setup for call buyers to lose money while the put buyers and shorts rake it in. high price targets nothing but almost all buy ratings and a stock that goes down.

    This thing is trading like it is going out of business. $STX does not even have a SSD solution other than buying from other suppliers to make a product line and it seems to be working ok for those shares.

    not WDC, just look at those comparison charts. this stock has a $145 price target... And no buyers to take the price higher... comon really?

    This article of being oversold is no news... This is a mid $80s valued company trading over $20 below fair value now... it has to be some kind of sick market joke more than anything else.
    Western Digital is down almost 20 percent, with the drop accelerating after Q4 results. The stock is far too cheap to ignore, despite near-term headwinds in fla
    Western Digital is down almost 20 percent, with the drop accelerating after Q4 results. The stock is far too cheap to ignore, despite near-term headwinds in fla
  • M
    $STX conversation
    w11 days ago
    Many people on these boards like to make share price predictions. As a pro, I have more acumen that the average "predictor" here

    w10 days ago
    $STX conversation
    STX trading between $80 and $90 should be considered normal and rational.
  • L
    $STX conversation
    Here are the Bloomberg rankings for the Analysts who follow Seagate. Overall, Benchmark's Miller is #1 Seagate and #2 for WDC and overall #1 ranking for drive stocks.

    1. Benchmark Company LLC Mark S Miller
    2. Maxim Group LLC Nehal Chokshi
    3. Mizuho Securities USA Inc Vijay R Rakesh
    4. Argus Research Corp James Kelleher
    5. RBC Capital Markets Amit Daryanani
    6. Brean Capital LLC Ananda Baruah
    7. Tigress Financial Partners Ivan Feinseth
    8. EVA Dimensions Anthony Campagna
    9. Stifel Aaron C Rakers
    10. Needham & Co Richard J Kugele
    11. Cross Research Steven B Fox
    12. Wells Fargo Securities Maynard Um
    13. Barclays Mark A Moskowitz
    14. FBN Securities Shebly Seyrafi
    15. Jefferies James Kisner
    16. Morgan Stanley Kathryn Huberty
    17. BMO Capital Markets Timothy P Long
    18. Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC Christian Schwab
    19. Daiwa Securities Yoko Yamada
    20. Goldman Sachs Mark Delaney
    21. J.P. Morgan Rod Hall
    22. Susquehanna Financial Mehdi Hosseini
    23. Longbow Research Joe Wittine
    24. UBS John M A Roy
  • R
    $SBHGF conversation
    $STX is up 20% because it might own 4% of ripple. :) It is only a matter of time for $SBHGF. They own a confirmed 11% of ripple, run SBI Ripple Asia and are responsible for most of Ripples share appreciation and market cap. In addition, they are the largest cryptocurrency investor in the world and run 8 cryptocurrency businesses. $MGTI and $LFIN on steroids
  • B
    Bee Rich
    $STX conversation
    Why is STX down on the good news today?
  • G
    $STX conversation
    I guess someone didn't want me making a laughing stock out of IHS Markit.

    The post got deleted.
  • A
    $STX conversation
    Hahaaa, 17% off today, nice to add shares at close, expect a nice rebound in the coming days or next week.
  • D
    $STX conversation
    Sorry, don't like this new Conversation look....