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    $KGC conversation
    Google-- BASEL lll ---
    $SLV conversation
    London Insiders Fear New Rules May Impede Gold & Silver Price Suppression
    By Chris Powell
    Pending "Basel III" regulations emanating from the Bank for International Settlements could destroy the clearing and settlement system for “unallocated” – that is, “paper” or imaginary – gold and silver, the London Bullion Market Association and the World Gold Council warned the Bank of England this week.
    In a 58-page protest submitted to the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority, the LBMA and the World Gold Council complained that the “Net Stable Funding Ratio” provision of the Basel III regulations would require the London bullion banks to hold funds offsetting 85 percent of the value of the unallocated gold they hold for customers, and the banks could not afford this.

    Most precious metals held by the LBMA’s trade-processing banks, operating as the London Precious Metals Clearing Ltd., are "unallocated" metal, the protest says.

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    According to the protest, the new rules will have a "damaging effect" on the precious metals clearing and settlement system, "potentially undermining the system completely."

    The protest continues: "The required stable funding for short-term assets would significantly increase costs for London Precious Metals Clearing Ltd. clearing banks to the point that some would be forced to exit the clearing and settlement system, which may even be at risk of collapsing completely."

    The protest acknowledges that LBMA-member banks obtain gold loans from central banks and re-lend the metal "to support the liquidity of the market," the longstanding euphemism for central bank intervention to suppress monetary metals prices and support government currencies and bonds.

    The LBMA and World Gold Council protest is dated May 4 and is posted at the LBMA’s internet site here.

    In an interview posted last Friday, London metals trader Andrew Maguire called the LBMA-WGC protest a surprising confession of weakness.

    Maguire construes the Basel III regulations as an attack on the "paper gold" mechanism of gold price suppression, a trigger for an upward revaluation of gold, and thus an attack against the domination of the currency markets by the U.S. dollar.

    Maguire’s interview is posted at YouTube here.
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    $EGO conversation
    Google-- BASEL III ---
    $SLV conversation, @Silverygolden
    London Insiders Fear New Rules May Impede Gold & Silver Price Suppression
    Significant Story
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    Asia Broadband, Inc.
    AABB $DOGE.X $$GLD $BCCOIN.X $SLV $GOLD $BTC.X READ MY POST* Im a Wall st trader been working here 30 years nows since i was 18 years old. I want you All to know ASIA BRIADBAND $AABB will be the next New Currancy to take over China then The US as its backed up by something Real GOLD , Rated a very strong Buy & hold now its .16 cents on MASSIVE SALE headed to $5.00 Target PRICE BUY $AABB & HOLD =$$$$$$
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    $PSLV conversation

    Why does PSLV seen to underperform SLV on a daily basis despite all the hard core silver bugs constantly screaming to own PSL and not SLV?
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    $SLV conversation
    $SLV Silver on its way to $50.00 as demand at several dollars over spot price imbalance grows
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    $SLV conversation
    $SLV The dramatic growth in the U.S. money supply, when broadly measured, that began in March 2020 will do what increases in the money supply always do. Money growth will lead in the first instance (1–9 months) to asset-price inflation. Then, a second stage will set in. Over a 6–18-month period after a monetary injection occurs, economic activity will pick up. Ultimately, the prices of goods and services will increase. That usually takes between 12 and 24 months after the original monetary injection. Given this sequence, it’s as clear as the nose on your face that we’re going to see more — perhaps much more — inflation entering the system in the coming months.
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    $SLV conversation
    $SLV Silver price at daily highs as Powell says 'too early' to taper, reaffirms inflation is 'transitory'
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    $SLV conversation
    $SLV Silver prices are on fire today
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    $NAK conversation
    $NAK According to Zion Market Research, the global rare earth market will grow in value from $8.1 billion in 2018 to more than $14.4 billion by 2025. $MP $UURAF $GLD $SLV $PALL $LIT
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    $NAK conversation
    $nak Wind Energy Looks Set To Boom This Decade $nak Rare earths. Northern Dynasty Minerals The Pebble Mine contains billions of pounds of rare earth elements.

    Two types of metals — palladium and rhenium — are commonly used in the new energy economy.

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    $SLV conversation
    Sell $SLV and buy $PSLV. SLV is manipulated and used to keep the price of silver down. Lots of evidence on
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    The FED is clearly manipulating $GLD & $SLV amazing right?
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    iShares Silver Trust
    $slv to 30 let's goooo
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    $PLUG conversation
    Together we will Rise!!! $DOGE, $NAKD, $SQ, $BABA, $JMIA, $NIO, $VLDR, $SOS, $MOS, $SLV, $CELH, $OTRK
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    $AG conversation
    Banned From WallStreetBets, Reddit User Tired Of GameStop Talks Creates 'WallStreetSilver' . $AG. $SLV.

    The silver squeeze movement — that drove the market prices of iShares Silver Trust (NYSE: SLV), First Majestic Silver Corp (NYSE: AG), Comstock Mining Inc (AMEX: LODE), and Fortuna Silver Mines Inc (NYSE: FSM) higher earlier this year — is still ongoing and the number one goal of WallStreetSilver is to wake up “billions of people to getting silver.”
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    $WISH conversation
    Apes strong together
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    $GDX conversation
    "Today is exactly why we went half cash a few months ago. Yes, we ARE The BEst!!" -PK, 24 days ago
    But sure, now he's claiming to have gone have cash in March, lol.
    It is funny, but it's probably actually more sad -- to need validation from strangers on an anonymous message board for things you didn't do.

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    Shill definition:
    An accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.
    A person who pretends to give an impartial endorsement of something in which they themselves have an interest.

    Shill examples:
    • I took my $GME profits and going to put my money in XYZ stock
    • I sold and took an L, this is too much of a bumpy ride for me I couldn’t handle the volatility
    • $GME is a 20$ stock this is way overvalued
    • The squeeze already happened its game over
    • Go check out $AAPL $AMZN $WMT $SLV for a safer play
    • Share dilution is coming sell now
    • Gamestop is another blockbuster bankruptcy is unavoidable
    • Game is a pyramid scheme
    • Board members are fleeing one after the other
    • This thing will be in the red all week down to 5$ I feel bad for those who bought in at 300

    The rest is pretty much the same meaningless bashing coming from these Dougs. Go check out their account history. It can give you an indication of their shiller status. Most of them have multiple accounts and press the like button on their own gibberish to show that they have support.

    Either way, the jig is up.
    Ape investors have brass cojones the size of church bells. They buy the dip, hold the line and never sell. 💎💎💎

    Have a golden week my fellow tards.
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    Hi silver investors,

    This will sound familiar:

    Game, set, match!

    The last 48h Denison mines and Uranium Energy Corp initiated phase3!

    Denison mines announcing they will buy 2,500,000lb U3O8 (uranium) from the spot in the coming days/weeks

    Followed by Uranium Energy Corp announcing the same for 400,000lb + 800,000lb from the spot!

    Before that Yellow Cake already announced they would take +-3,500,000 lb U3O8 off the market too!

    Next: Big brother, Uranium Participation announcing the same as Yellow Cake, starting to buy additional U3O8 from the spot!

    Followed by the U3O8 spot buying from uranium producers Cameco, Orano, Kazatomprom,...

    To put those volumes in perspectif.
    That’s 7.2M lb U3O8 that will be purchased WITH PHYSICAL DELIVERY in the spotmarket, while the total annual volume traded in the spotmarket (mainly back and forth transactions WITHOUT PHYSICAL DELIVERY) in 2019 was 63.3Mlb.

    While uranium demand from utilities is price inelastic!

    I’m a long term uranium bull with some silver investments that I will not sell at the moment.

    I’m just pointing out at another big opportunity for those that have cash left and not knowing what to do with it.

    ==> Cameco, Uranium Participation, Yellow Cake, URNM etf, HURA etf, URA etf, Denison mines, Nexgen Energy, Energy Fuels, ...


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    $ZAC.V conversation
    Big picks for $50 or $100 is not $SLV. Leveraged upside is with high quality silver miners with massive exposure to silver prices like $SAND $ZAC $ABRA