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SmileDirectClub, Inc. (SDC)

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    $REV conversation
    Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Good Morning Legends,
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    >> REV << Pre-Market: 7:56AM EDT --- $3.88

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    $SDC the share price is assuming bankruptcy!? I’m not an investor yet but my god the risk / reward looks compelling at these levels for a 2year + hold
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    $UPST conversation
    buy some $SDC instead. Already bottomed and just posted strong revenue growth after hours with reduced cash burn. Not to mention high potential to go on a multi-day squeeze. If nothing else swing trade the short squeeeeeeeze
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    SmileDirectClub, Inc.
    I was just at the dentist and a patient was asking about $SDC for his wife. the dentist said she wouldn't recommend because they can't monitor teeth movement, guided him to invisalign I get people will buy what fits individuals budgets but if the professionals are guiding them in a particular direction is definitely not good for $SDC.
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    As a dentist $SDC is not a squeeze play for me. I have been invested for a very long time, and I’ve continuously added to my long term portfolio. This is my retirement stock. Short term target is $25+. But I definitely think in the next 5-10 years they will be +$100’s.

    As a dentist, I have a direct insight in how $sdc is doing in the market, as I offer sdc at all my dental offices, and I’ve seen nothing but positive feedback from all my patients and their results. You might ask yourself why I would support sdc if they are eating off my plate?

    Up to January 2020 Invisalign had a patent that they were the only ones allowed to work directly with dentists. As that expired, $sdc have signed up with over 1,800 dental offices only in the US! This is a mutual beneficial relationship as these patients that are referred to us dentist needs dental work and treatments prior to getting $sdc.

    $SDC has a strategic growth, which is why they have partnered with CVS, Walmart and other big retailers. And further expanded internationally.

    Their growth is in its infant stage, and this is just the beginning. Hedgefunds are unfortunately unaware of what they have shorted, and now are stuck trying to find a way to close their shorts by manipulating the stock. They will be squeezed to oblivion sooner or later. Just sit back and enjoy the ride 🥂

    For full transparency: I’m holding 100k shares of SDC in my long term portfolio.
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    $SDC conversation
    Interesting post I saw on Rdt recently.

    Another in depth analysis of $SDC.

    "If you ask any dentist a year ago, we would all tell our patients to not go with SDC, but instead to consider traditional braces.

    This is the same way dentist approached Invisalign when they first entered the market 10 years ago.

    If you look at Invisaligns stock chart from 2001-2003 you will see that their graph looks VERY identical to SDC’s current graph. $Algn basically went from $16 down to $2/share. Today it’s almost at $750/share, and a market cap of $57B and a PE of 83x! If you compare that to SDC who has a revenue of 800M and market cap of 2B and a future sales to earnings of only 2x you can see how extremely undervalued it is. If $SDC is placed on a direct comparison to align when it comes to futures sales and PE it would put sdc at a $36/share stock.

    Today, things have changed drastically in dentistry and orthodontics. Clear aligners is a booming business since it’s the preference patients have when it comes to ortho.

    Now if we are going to recommend a clear aligners and compare Invisalign to smile direct there are many differences as well as similarities.

    Difference #1 PRICE: Invisalign costs $6,000-8000 (due to 3x markup by dentists/orthodontist). Smile direct cost $1,950

    Difference #2. Type of correction: Invisalign: can correct anything from mild to severe cases. Smile direct: Can correct mild to moderate cases. Crowding, spacing etc.

    Difference #3: Invisalign requires you to see your orthodontist on a biweekly schedule (which sometimes this appointments are no longer than 20 seconds, but you still need to inconveniently be there) Smile direct: Sends you the aligners, and through its teledentistry platform follows up with you with close up photos of your teeth and bite. These are reviewed by a doctor.

    Now let’s look at similarities between Invisalign and SDC:

    Both are doctor supervised (despite what you read online) Both have very predictable results! Both Invisalign and Smile direct make their aligners through 3d printing. Both of them either scan or take impression prior to printing the aligners.

    There is unfortunately a lot of FUD that’s been spreading around sdc, and considering the short interest of 59%, we wouldn’t expect the FUD to disappear as short sellers are fighting to protect their positions. Another interesting history that many might not know is that INVISALIGN was one of the largest investors in $SDC initially but after Invisalign attempted to start “direct to consumer smile shops” like SDC, the relationship turned sour. $SDC sued and successfully won against Invisalign, which in turn ended up selling out of their positions from sdc, and ever since then the FUD surrounding sdc started and got worst.

    Now many are wondering if it’s Invisalign hedgefunds that’s taken large short positions in SDC in an attempt to push Invisalign up and keep sdc down, but that would explain a lot of things.

    As of last year, (Jan 2020), Invisalign lost their patent to work with dentist solely. This allowed sdc to work with dentist and orthodontist. This is the reason I signed up all my practices to partner up with SDC for my patients who qualify for it. Which is as mentioned mild/moderate cases. I would never feel right about charging my patient $6000 to correct a small space between their teeth with Invisalign, when they can get identical results from $SDC.

    With that said, I have no doubt $SDC will continue their expansion nationally and internationally, and at currently price levels, it is extremely undervalued in my opinion.

    For full transparency; I am a dentist and I’m currently sitting on 100,000 shares of $SDC."
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    Align Technology, Inc.
    I have been short $ALGN and long $SDC now for 2 weeks or so. Been good so far. Probably will not short $ALGN into earnings. I think good guidance will help both stocks. Not sure where the macro picture will be when they report but I do hope they guide above what analysts expect.
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    I’m very open about my shares on Twitter. I am a dentist, and long term investor of $sdc. I’m sitting on 85,000 shares and will buy another 15k if it drops,
    As a dentist I have signed up all my offices with smile direct and I see first handedly the growth of SDC. Just a direct comparison of Invisalign’s 55B market cap, compared to sdc 2B market cap; and price to sales comparison should put sdc at a share price or $36.50 per share.

    You can see the details on my Twitter below.
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    $SDC conversation
    we are not out the woods yet. plenty days of pain are still ahead of us til we get to earnings, but that's exactly what I signed up for when I went long with $SDC. I expected a brutal day today with all the panic selling going on wall street with this Delta doomsday trading. this was actually not a bad day for the $SDC longs. tomorrow the battle continues..... I"M NOT SELLING!
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    SmileDirectClub, Inc.
    Currently $SDC has a higher short float percentage than Amc, Bb, or Gme. 30% short of float. It has 6 days short interest ratio (days to cover), which usually suggests a short squeeze is likely. It's also sitting at $9 with a $16 target. If this gets volume, it could run up 1-200% easily.
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    Ali Sachali
    $SDC conversation
    $SDC will rocket
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    Smile direct club $sdc : Honest DD by a dentist! 🥂

    I am a dentist and this is the honest truth about smile direct club;

    A few years ago, 99% of dentist were against smile direct, primarily because we did not know anything about the structure of how they work. All we knew was that someone was moving patients teeth without our authorization or pre-approval.

    As time has passed, many dentists including myself has opened our eyes and gained a lot of knowledge about what exactly smile direct does. They move teeth that are in the mild/moderate cases. Which means that severe cases would still need traditional braces.
    That is totally fine by me. If a patient comes to my office with a slightly curved front tooth, then why would I not want to save her $5-6000 (the cost of Invisalign) when she can get that corrected easily with smile direct ($1900).
    It’s ethically wrong of me not to offer this to my patients, and greed does not belong in healthcare!

    Now let’s proceed to the continuous negative sentiment from my fellow dental-colleagues. Orthodontics is a VERY exclusive private sector which has for 100 years kept their work for themselves and even during dental school they did not want to teach general dentists much about it. So you can imagine the threat they felt when they suddenly see that a company is eating off their plate. (Loss of $income!). They have gone full force against smiledirect in all ways possible, including legally! Smile direct club has so far won every single legal case brought against them, with the most recent one being against the dental boards of Georgia.

    It’s important to understand that many dentist will claim that it’s “unsupervised”, which I can tell you first hand it is not. When patients come to my clinic, I do a full exam, including cavity and periodontally clearing my patients before possibly referring them to SDC.
    Now, If patients decide to go directly to a smile shop (and not through a dentist), then they would fill out paperwork where they are clearly asked if they have seen a dentist and been cleared. If patient is self neglective and chooses to lie then clearly the only one doing harm to themselves here is the patient, and not SDC.

    Let’s continue my thoughts about the stock; the stock with an IPO of $22 in 2019 has been slammed by short sellers (many suspecting Invisalign competitor being a big part of it). Currently there is a 28% short interest in sdc! That is huge when it comes to a potential short squeeze.

    Smile direct have focused on growth and expansion, so all of their income has gone back in to their business. So they have not even attempted to show profitability, since growth has been priority.
    In January of 2020, invisalign lost their patent to work directly with dentists in dental offices, so SDC are now growing their partnerships with dental offices directly at a high pace! In their most recent earnings they said they are signed up with 1,800 DSO dental offices. Which is huge!
    See link of Invisalign patent expiration below;

    Furthermore, smile direct has signed an exclusive partnership with Walmart to sell their products in their stores. Now also in CVS stores.

    See links below: › investingWeb resultsSmileDirectClub signs exclusive deal to sell dental care at Walmart - CNN

    Smile direct has recently also focused on international expansion which includes US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    This is my DD on smile direct and short sellers will jump on here and bash it, I have no doubt. But I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys as a dentist and you can make your own decision from here.
    Best of luck to you all.
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    SmileDirectClub, Inc.
    $SDC I don't care what dentists and competitors like Invisalign say about SDC. The reality is that this world runs on demand for products and services. What fuels this demand? Marketing and consumer reviews. Smile direct club just got into Germany, Hong Kong and Walmart. What other possibilities are yet to come (Amazon)? Checkmark beside marketing. What about reviews? Take a look: 97% positive reviews on google and 4.9/5 from member reviews. Also, for people who work with Net Promoter Scores (I do since I work for a tier one bank) you can appreciate a 61 NPS. What's this all mean? The product sells. When a product sells, revenues come in. What's the best part? The average analyst PT is $20 US not including Germany, Hong Kong and Walmart. If SDC manages to put forward guidance on ER next month, I can assure you we won't be anywhere near these prices in 1 month.
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    $SDC Breaking News 🚨🚨

    13F filings disclosed that; BlackRock, credit suisse, vanguard and Goldman Sachs all bought SDC stock past 3 weeks!

    Goldman Sachs increased their position by 723% of $SDC stock, now holding 10M shares of $sdc ‼️
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    $NVDA conversation
    $SDC is on the move. The target price is $10 and the short squeze has already started. I'm invested in both NVIDIA and SDC. Good luck everyone and mark my words.
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    shorts should watch chamath call with scott on cnbc today, $SDC should fly back to ipo price soon. $GME $AMC
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    $BBIG conversation
    $SDC 32% short! Over 30 million shares must be covered if this goes hard, squeeze can send it above $20. Meme stock in the making!
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    working class vs hedge funds, very interesting. $SDC very undervalued and shorted for long time since ipo despite they almost reached $1B revenue before covid, they will come back to those numbers with profitability very soon, CEO bought millions of shares and still shorts does not have mercy on this company $GME $AAL $AMC $SPCE $NOK
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    $SDC squeeze alert 🚨🚨🚨
    Ortex short squeeze alert type 1,2, AND 3 is officially in for $sdc ‼️‼️

    Let’s goooooo!!
    First leg up Price target +$25