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  • M
    $RTX conversation
    Congressman Rutherford bought $15,000 of $RTX.

    He also advocated for battling of the invasion of Ukraine.

    He was not the only politicians to buy war stocks before the invasion.
  • M
    $RTX has loads of cash and it's going up even with that bad news coverage in the media etc. I'm not letting the institutions take my shares.
  • D
    $BA conversation
    Great news overnight for Dow companies that get these federal defense contracts.
    "The National Defense Authorization Act, the annual must-pass legislation that sets the policy agenda and authorizes almost $770 billion in funding for the Department of Defense, passed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday night."

    $BA $VZ $LMT $RTX $GE
  • C
    $RTX conversation
    IMHO .. 2022 is the year of the Industrials sector. Thematic portfolios work. $RTX, $GE $MMM, $LMT, $HON, $FDX, $DOV. Dividends to boot.
  • L
    $AAPL conversation
    Yes, it must all go down! Really...because apparently customers are going to stop buying IPhones $AAPL because there is a war in Russia. And they are going to stop consuming other products that use semiconductors $NVDA, $AMAT even though earnings showed that those companies continue to make more money than anyone expected. Customers are not going to continue paying high prices for these things with inflation. No, sir! Even though inflation means that they'll earn higher salaries to be able to afford these items.

    No, what we are going to consume a lot of is fuel! Yes, gasoline and so it needs to go up because there is a war in Russia. So our brand new Teslas ($TSLA) are going to stay in the garage while we drive fuel vehicles because it is more fun that way.

    And companies who are going to do well in this economy with war and high interest rates and high inflation are those that need to borrow money. Not the ones that show healthy cash flow like $AAPL, $TSLA, $NVDA, $AMAT, etc.

    Never mind the fact that this war is not going to need military planes, helicopters, etc because $RTX and $BA will not do well either.

    Oh boy! This is going to hell now that Hedge Funds control the market. And I don't mean our portfolios, I mean the whole economy. Hedge Funds and us all going down a slippery slope. No economy, no money needed so don't stress. We are going to pay for everything with crypto, which doesn't have any value, so you just create a few more when you need.

    Our economy can not work like the Fed and it's balance sheet...that's the problem!

    No wonder Charlie Munger looked so confused and stressed yesterday!

    He stressed the point that America is not like Japan. It won't work for us.
  • B
    Bruce Ballslapp
    $NGAC conversation
    Notable High Call %

    $MLCO 98.3% call
    $HL 96.7% call
    $HIG 96.2% call
    $NGAC 96.0% call
    $BGCP 95.4% call
    $SIL 95.3% call
    $SSRM 95.3% call
    $UA 94.6% call
    $PSAC 94.5% call
    $GSAH 93.7% call
    $FNKO 93.5% call
    $ON 93.3% call
    $YUM 92.3% call
    $RTX 91.8% call
    $KWEB 91.6% call
  • J
    First time in awhile $LMT seems to be outperforming $NOC and $RTX.
  • V
    $LMT conversation
    REUTERS — Taiwan reports new incursion by Chinese jets into defence zone.

    In the latest incident, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said four Chinese J-16 and four J-10 fighters were involved, as well as an early warning plane and anti-submarine aircraft, the latter of which flew to the south of Taiwan through the Bashi Channel that connects the Pacific to the South China Sea.

    $LMT $BA $RTX $GE
  • s
    If you aren’t thinking that the events of the last few days aren’t going to influence and result in a broader but more strategic investment in technology, infrastructure and defense then you’re either mentally incapable of rationale thought or in heroine induced fog! Spending for defense, particularly countermeasure ‘systems’, is going to explode across the west and western allies! #RTX, #GD!
  • W
    $PLUG conversation
    Tonight’s lineup:
    $SIG 💎
    $PLUG 🔌
    $RTX 📡

    See you at 6p EST with
    @jimcramer on @cnbc
  • A
    With Govt shutdown, $BA, $LMT and $RTX will significantly be affected due to defense contracts!
  • R
    Raytheon Don
    Days like this I’m glad I own $RTX
  • J
    $RTX outperforming $LMT and $NOC yet again..
  • J
    Joe Smoe
    $RTX conversation
    $RTX is a strong sell, company got ways too many employees and not much to do
  • b
    $RTX conversation
    Raytheon $RTX getting hit with 2 emergency landings on the same day this weekend. Both planes use the same engines from Pratt & Whitney, the PW4000 series engines. Everyones knows about the one in Denver, But did you know about the Boeing 747 in Maastricht? Here is an article

    I bought RTX 210226 P 69
    Longtail Aviation cargo plane scatters small metal parts over Meerssen, injuring woman
    Longtail Aviation cargo plane scatters small metal parts over Meerssen, injuring woman
  • A
    $RTX conversation
    Seems to be a lot more intelligent people here than on StockTwits lol. 2 weeks now of reviewing 6/30 13Fs and $RTX is one of the few common denominators of HFs increasing/opening positions significantly. Great LT upside with this one. Slowly but surely back to $120 after 11/4 and Orange wins (not political stmt; just sad reality)
  • M
    I halved my position on $RTX today, like a fool! But luckily still holding 200 shares. Waiting for it to go $80+ in a couple of weeks. My very first stock ever purchased, should've had more faith in it 🤡
  • J
    $GD conversation
    $GD $RTX $INTC