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    "We hired the best, and the most interesting and eclectic people in the world," says $PLTR CEO Alex Karp. "We will continue to be very focused on delivering value, we will continue to comp people, and I don't believe we are diluting people into oblivion
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    $PLTR conversation
    Is there one $PLTR BAGHolder in 500 that knew Soros vommited a whole lot of under market shares here TWICE since the Initial Putrid Offering. I didn't THINK so! How about if you AREN'T a MemeCHUMP™ already?

    I guess he didn't it was going to $300 any time before the year 2685 I gress?
    Billionaire investor George Soros says he regrets his firm's investment in Palantir Technologies.
    Billionaire investor George Soros says he regrets his firm's investment in Palantir Technologies.
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    $PLTR conversation
    There are now 13 funds that own 10 million++ $PLTR shares.

    They own about 460M $PLTR shares or about 25% of the company.

    There are 70 companies that own between over 1M shares but less than 10M.

    620M total shares owned by companies or about 33%.
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    People who complain about $PLTR trading sideways for the past few weeks. Sell the stock and move on. This is not for you. Warren Buffet once said the stock market transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient. I’ll gladly take your stock at 22.5 no worries lol
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    $BKSY conversation
    Two satellites heading up this week on a $RKLB rocket. I'm playing both the ride and payload sides. $PLTR has almost 500 million invested here at a higher price than it's trading for today. NASA is also in. That's smarter money than mine. Holding this one.
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    The same people who missed out on $TSLA because they couldn’t evaluate potential and growth are now telling you to stay away from $PLTR... think about it for a moment
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    $MTTR conversation
    I love $PLTR and have a cost basis of $14.30. My concern is that the overall market will bring more speculative company SP down quickly if there is any type of negativity. I'm struggling trying to decide if I sell shares, write covered calls or buy Puts. I feel I really should do one of these tomorrow.
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    $PINS conversation
    $PINS a lot of support at $35
    $UPWK support at $36
    $PLTR wait until 18
    $FUBO wait until 18
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    $TSLA conversation
    When everyone is fearful go shopping folks. Just put a mil in $PLTR $NIO $TSLA $TDOC $COIN $ROKU
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    Here’s what I think… since $PLTR went the DPO route and big institutions tend to get the shares before IPO… I think that the accumulation phase of PLTR by big institutions is taking place. They don’t let it run because they are building positions. When the dog is off the leash, this will run.
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    $PTON conversation
    All the hedge funds dogpiled into this trash, what we are witnessing now happens maybe once every five years, it's an "orderly exit. While they tout this place out of the other side of their mouths. The real pump valuation here had resulted from Archegos scammery and 40-1 leverage held in secret positions , it never would have traded over $80 absent that recividist securities law violator component. Cathie was in on it, I imagine that Debit Suisse got stuck with a whole lot of this common stock just like $PLTR, $VIAC etc.
    Maybe they just couldn't clean it all out last summer???.
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    $PYPL conversation
    Investors reaction sometimes could be funny.
    $PYPL (PayPal Holdings) made 6.18b instead of estimated 6.23b, which is just -0.83% and stock crashed to 12% 😆

    What do you think?

    $LMND (Lemonade Inc.) $V (Visa) $MA (Mastercard) $PLTR (Palantir Technologies Inc.) $SPX500
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    $BKSY conversation
    My self incantation for $BKSY
    Hopefully, there comes big rebound soon.
    (1) Rocket lab launches Electron rockets in a few days, which carry BKSY's 8th and 9th low orbit satellites. Launch window already open on 11th NOV.
    (2) No more shares are available for short selling
    (3) Current margin fee is 238% based on iborrowdesk.
    (4) NASA contract
    (5) BKSY hit all time low to $8.5, but BKSYW was well supported at $1.4 after hitting $1.32 ==> Warrant holders are still positive to $BKSY in the long run.
    Do I know any newly listed company through IPO or SPAC merger with good fundamental ?
    No. If there is any company with good PER,PSR,PEG, FCF and newly being listed through IPO or SPAC merger
    with good valuation, then I will put all my money in.
    How about $SNOW, $RIVN, $PLTR ?
    I am investing in new industry with hype same as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic.
    No guaranteed success and this would be similar to gambling.
    Difference is, gambling does not allow me to wait until win, but here I can wait as long as the company still alive, and the longer I wait, the higher success with 10X return.
    "Patience" is what I need at this time than "Research on the company fundamental".
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    $COIN conversation
    I spend 1M total on $TDOC $PLTR $COIN $ROKU $INTC $PYPL today. Thanks for the dip.
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    $PLTR conversation
    $PLTR reported third-quarter earnings that met estimates while revenue topped expectations. PLTR stock fell despite the company adding more customers than expected as government revenue growth missed. Palantir earnings were 4 cents per share on an adjusted basis. Revenue jumped 36% to $392 million, the maker of data analytics software said. If you want investment ideas from real knowledgeable traders, check them out at the platform
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    $PLTR Reports Q3 $0.04 v $0.03e, Rev $382.1M v $385Me (Palantir Technologies Inc)

    - Guides Q4 Rev $418M v $400Me, Op margin 22%
    - Raises FY21 adj FCF >$400M (prior: >$300M)
    - Guides initial FY21 Rev $1.53B +40% v $1.50Be
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    $BABA conversation
    Just a reminder, even at current valuation the stock is still undervalued. This isnt like $PLTR or $TTFC or other hype stocks, this is a cash flow positive company that is growing. Fundamentals always catch up to stock price
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    There are many reasons not to like $PLTR for lot of people
    - political leanings of Peter Thiel
    - FUD spread by extreme left
    - open criticism of Silicon Valley and WS
    - Significant SBC dilution
    - lack of understanding of product and company
    - dubbed my media as black box

    For me huge future great company
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    $PLTR conversation
    Pat, yesterday you were bashing $PLTR and now today you’re telling $PTON owners to buy $PLTR instead. Are you good chief?
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    Virtuoso Acquisition Corp.
    these bags are full of GEMs. I'm not worried. Wejo ($VOSO) is well ahead of autonomous driving compared to $TSLA and has both partnerships with $PLTR and $MSFT with more to come with major automotive companies !