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    $AG conversation
    Wallstreetbets WSB talking about how big banks have been manipulating gold and silver miners for decades. Selling paper gold & silver to offset the price. STOP gold and silver price suppression by bullion bank practises, short selling in order to drive down the price is not fair & should be banned now.
    Suppression of the gold & silver price is not just a conspiracy theory. It's a well-documented phenomenon, with real actors and real ramifications. The FED has little room to manipulate interest rates and the market is beginning to realize that this is the end of the manipulation of gold and silver.
    With the removal of the uptick rule, banks and big institutions could short the gold and silver markets without the ability of buyers to get out of a position. By selling short on the paper market, price discovery got skewed far below where the real price should have been. GLTA Hope we will see free and fair market prices one day in precious metals stocks like $AG $PAAS $MAG $FSM $EXK Barrick $GOLD $GPL $NEW $MUX $AEM and many more ... power2thepeople, GLTA united forces with $GME $NAKD $BB $AMC ...
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    Let's see how much physical silver is really available out there ;-)

    If all silver bulls buy a bit of physical silver as a souvenir, meaning buying silver to never sell ever again!

    While Apple, Tesla and the renewable energy sector needs physical silver to produce their product.

    Then this price manipulation will break!

    I don't see those companies produce their cars, phones, solar panels with a silver promise (silver paper)

    And you don't find a substitute to silver for the industry overnight ;-)

    So suggestion for all the silver bulls:

    To each silver bull,

    Spreaded over a couple weeks each silver bull orders 5 to 10oz of physical silver, or like I did buys 1kg of physical silver (2x 500gr = 2x 17,64oz)

    What is the cost of 5oz (165$) and 10oz (335$) with a premium compared to the gains you will make on your silver company positions if the silver shortage becomes clear in the market?

    Continue to place orders for physical silver (You don't care if it's only deliverable in 15 days from now) ;-)

    The real impact will be obvious in a couple weeks/months from now when the industry starts to look for additional physical silver.

    End March 2021 could be very interesting.

    A real Silver bull has patience, isn't it?


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    $PAAS conversation
    $PAAS past 6 months is down 6% while silver is up 35%. The only reason it's down is because Zacks still has it rated sell. Zacks is always way outdated. Hold long & strong. It's also got the best dividend of all silver miners.
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    $GOLD conversation
    The suppression of the gold price is not just a conspiracy theory. It's a well-documented phenomenon, with real actors and real ramifications. The Fed has little room to manipulate interest rates and the gold market is beginning to realize that this is the end of the manipulation of gold. Go real stocks like $GOLD $GPL $AG $NEV $FNV $AEM $WPM $PAAS $GFI Over the last couple of years, with the removal of the uptick rule, banks and big institutions could short the gold and silver markets without the ability of buyers to get out of a position. By selling short on the paper market, price discovery got skewed far below where the real price should have been. The paper shorts that were sold were far in excess of the physical amount of gold that was available. GLTA & understand in long run $GOLD is the place to be (in) TINA Hold tight!!
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    $NUGT conversation
    Listen to billionaire PM investor on Sprott Money News podcast today's show Sept 27. "This down week for PM's is related to market rigging for Q3 end and weekly option expiration. "
    The FED and other central banks cannot stop printing. QE to infinity means HARD ASSETS like gold and income property are the best hedges against inflation. Full stop! Own PMs, income property and well-run miners to beat the system.
    Former gold trader on CNBC recommended $NEM as his best buy today "gold is going to have a big week next week"
    Gold to $1,700 & silver to $20 within 60-90 days. $NUGT $EGO $EXK $PAAS $SIL $USLV $CDE $GOLD $PVG $SAND $SPOX
  • J
    Hedge funds bet rally in Canadian silver-mining stocks to run out of steam. Short trades as a percentage of total traded volume for First Majestic rose to 28.5% for the second half of January, up from 12.8% in the first half of the month, Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) data showed on Monday. Short positions in Pan American rose to 35.9%, from 3.3%, over the same period, while Fortuna Silver Mines saw an increase to 36.6% from 2.2%, and Silvercorp Metals Inc to 23.1%, from 1.4%. $AG $PAAS $FSM $SVM
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    First Majestic Silver $AG is one of the few remaining large silver-focused miners. They recently lowered their operating costs to $15 per ounce, currently valued at about 15x free cash flow and are in a much stronger competitive position than $PAAS. Currently, First Majestic is drilling a significant discovery on leases they own that surround Silvercrest Metal’s Las Chispas property. This has become one of the most prolific properties in Mexico. First Majestic Silver has an upside potential that will land somewhere between 350% and 1000% in 2 years.
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    $AUY conversation
    Be ready! If the history of slam down on silver and gold futures and options occurs again, watch for indiscriminate waves of selling at the open of the New York COMEX at or around 8:00 eastern time, for the next three days on expiry and assignment. They also hit the market during other slow times when volume is light to run the stops.

    This month we also have the return of trading from China which just celebrated its lunar New Year and trading was closed. There could be some pent up buying out there...

    Interesting times!

    $PSLV, $PHYS, $SLV, $GLD, $NEM, $KL, $AUY, $PAAS, $AU, $AG
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    $NGD conversation
    When large institutional funds starts pouring in into the PM sector, we won't be seeing pennies uptick, instead it will be in dollars upticks daily on SP. Currently it is just some trickles, mainly on larger miners, then it gets down to mid-tier and junior miners. Get loaded up and position well. Gold bull market is just getting started. When "Extreme Fears" grips on the general stock markets, that's where all the huge money trails will start pouring into PM miners. NGD is going to keep on hitting on 52 week highs in the near term. Am long and keep watch on $NGD $EGO $AUY $EXK $PAAS. Silver miners especially EXK is breaking to the upside.
    Fear & Greed is CNNMoney's investor sentiment tool that comprises of 7 markets indicators.
    Fear & Greed is CNNMoney's investor sentiment tool that comprises of 7 markets indicators.
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    $MMX conversation
    So RC....
    With regard to a 2020 MMX press release:
    $NEM is an insider due to the number of $MMX shares that they own. Perhaps $PAAS now maintains the same status??? The share hold for both companies is relatively close to being the same. In any event, I expect the next MMX Q-report to be quite impressive. We're long over due for a pop, and I mean a decent one too, because the pps has been churning in a repetitive range for a significant amount of time now. I raised my target price today because of this latest deal with Pan American Silver. $SAND & $GROY have both already mountain climbed. We're the last SmallCap gold royalty company sitting on the drag strip.
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    Time to Lock in Profits
    $SLV conversation
    If you like I have waited for 8 years for this rebound then don't sell now when we are on the cusp of a mighty victory.
    I told you a little higher and we will hit a tidal wave of buying by commercial banks short and hedge funds.
    Silver is very undervalued has not gained as everything else had. This is due to the banks shorting.
    A breakout in SIlver is an amazing thing to see and unfortunately many will miss it and say to themselves..
    What was I thinking ? When a pure troy ounce of Silver or Silver Eagle can only buy 1 pizza or 2 glasses of wine or 15 naval oranges or 1 week of Smart phone service or 1 lb of steak or 3 pounds of Hamburger....
    That is a bargain of the century and there is no downside risk here near multi year lows...
    Because everything else is inflated and the market of Silver is tiny it will only take a little more buying that is spurred by Gold gains to cause a massive short squeeze. I saw this with AMD stock which was shorted and at 10 12 14 the shorts were forced to cover and today it is 29.... Buy Physical if you can and hold hold hold for the big breakout over 20.00 per ounce. I think we are very close certainly in the next 9 days we will see 20.00 per ounce imo.. that is only a 25% move from here..
    WHen shorts are really scared and know there is not enough silver for them to buy back and close their positions silver can easily hot 30.00 or even 40.00 per ounce.. The ratio of Silver to gold is now at record highs approaching 100 ounces of silver or a big bar for the price of 1 ounce of gold. This ratio was 10 to 1 in colonial times 20 to 1 in the 1960's and 40 to 1 just a few years ago. In fact when Silver was 49 gold was 1900 about 20 to 1 so an reversion to this ratio back to even 50 to 1 would be 30.00 silver and thats very likely in the next few months...
    Hold hold hold and force a short squeeze ON THE CROOKED COMMERCIAL BANKS !
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    $AUY conversation
    Electric cars and currency printing: A Super cycle in precious and industrial metals is starting for the seventh time in the last 227 years according to Saxo Bank. Goldman Sachs has also declared a super cycle is brewing. The metals cited are of course: gold, silver and copper.

    1. Gold - because of the massive injections of liquidity into markets worldwide without regard for financial consequences.

    2. Silver - Because of the electronics and solar energy boom which will result in a huge surge in silver for industrial demand (additionally, silver is a precious metal like gold).

    3. Copper - Grid buildout for the electrification of the worlds automobile fleet. It is estimated that there will be an ongoing shortage in the hundreds of giga-tons starting as early as 2025 but definitely by 2027 and extending through 2035...

    Goldman has stated that copper will appreciate from $7,935 now to $9,500 by the end of the year.

    There are a great number of undervalued mining companies to invest in as well as the metals themselves...

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    Time  to lock in profits
    $SLV conversation
    See my post on GLD board regarding fed printing billions and billions every day even today see the link on GLD BOARD !
    Buy Silver and Gold Eagles as many as you can before they collapse the dollar with massive debt that will never be paid back !
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    Time  to lock in profits
    $SLV conversation
    Buy the dips....
    Thank the shorters to enable you to get more silver and gold eagles for each paper dollar that is poised to lose massive value in coming weeks and months..
  • M
    Gold hit $1594!!! All Miners are heading to the motherlode in turbo mode... Gold heading to $2020 in 2020....

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    $AG conversation
    The thing is that no matter what happens with #SilverSqueeze WSB, a lot of younger people are for the first time informing themselves that metals are the only true real money. That realization sticks for life, even when squeezes end. This is a red pill moment for many & its beautiful — Quoth the Raven Jan 31,2021 $AG $PAAS $GOLD $GPL $NEM $EGO $AEM $FNV $WPM $GDXJ
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    People you must understand what makes earnings better in the mining industry before you purchase shares... The higher the price of gold/sliver... The more money the companies will earn.... The lower the price of oil... The less expense the companies have... These equal great earnings... I foresee a ton of miners hitting the motherlode this season. Or now will be the time they announce their discovery in massive pockets in attempt to wait for being prices... BUY THE MINING INDUSTRY NOW!!!

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    Time  to lock in profits
    $GLD conversation
    Retail darling Target tanking pre market !
    Joins Kohls and many others implying very weak holliday sales aa tapped out consumers run out of credit card spending power,,
    The feds actions of providing windfalls to wall st banks, the 1% and the well connected like warren buffet have NOT benefiited the commn man ie trivkle down economics does not work requiring the fed to accelerate money printing money at ever increasing rate to prop bubble stock, bond and real estate markets.. the stock market is getting close to a massive correction due to greed and central bank policies. The next likely mibe will be money primting amd zero percent rates to keep the whole thung from collapsing.
    Buy silver and gold eagles all you can to protect your wealth from thebcoming hyper inflation amd dollar destructiion..
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    Think about it??? What do you think Trump means when he says
    “Make America Great Again.”? It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out... Trump is referring to the days when it was Gold Standards. Trump agenda is to return to Gold Standards... It’s so obvious... I can guarantee that if he wins another term. Gold Standards will return.... What do you think that means for the mining industry? I’m telling you BUY now.....

  • M
    Okay y’all MrPocket is going to let you all in on a secret... If any of you Yahooligans wish to understand how to be a gold miner... I recommend you watch the greatest movie of all times... The best piece of documentation on gold mining on earth to this day... “The Ballads of Busters Scruggs”... Episode Mr. Pocket... Netflix... This is how you actually find gold... Get out, and do it yourself... Gold is heading to $2020 in 2020...