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McEwen Mining Inc. (MUX)

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    $AG conversation
    Wallstreetbets WSB talking about how big banks have been manipulating gold and silver miners for decades. Selling paper gold & silver to offset the price. STOP gold and silver price suppression by bullion bank practises, short selling in order to drive down the price is not fair & should be banned now.
    Suppression of the gold & silver price is not just a conspiracy theory. It's a well-documented phenomenon, with real actors and real ramifications. The FED has little room to manipulate interest rates and the market is beginning to realize that this is the end of the manipulation of gold and silver.
    With the removal of the uptick rule, banks and big institutions could short the gold and silver markets without the ability of buyers to get out of a position. By selling short on the paper market, price discovery got skewed far below where the real price should have been. GLTA Hope we will see free and fair market prices one day in precious metals stocks like $AG $PAAS $MAG $FSM $EXK Barrick $GOLD $GPL $NEW $MUX $AEM and many more ... power2thepeople, GLTA united forces with $GME $NAKD $BB $AMC ...
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    Disappointing news release today about Gold Bar. $MUX is facing cash flow problems; why would anyone think a discount rate of 8% is reasonable?
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    $SVM.TO conversation
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

    Shorts R F'd The up trend Might just be starting. We should be at 26.60 not 27.20 on spot silver.
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    $AG conversation
    I'm now holding 17 different stocks: #ABRA #AG #ASM #AYA #DEF #ELO #EXK #FMV #GATO #GGD #HL #KGC #KUYAF #MUX #SBSW #SCZ and #VGLD. 87% Silver 10% Gold 3% Platinum. 56% Majors 19% Mediors 25% Juniors. Good luck to all.
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    $GORO conversation
    Gold Resource has made it as a Topic with Reddit Silver Crowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    $GORO Diversified Value

    Hi Guys!

    I’ve been posting about a stock $GORO Gold Resource Corporation on Twitter, and had a member of this board tell me I should post my DD over here! Apologizes if I do anything wrong, haven’t been on Reddit in many years and can’t get into my old account. FYI not a financial advisor just my opinions:

    First off, GORO actually produces more silver than it does gold, it also produces copper as well. GORO has also recently gone through a spin-off where they received new leadership, which seem to believe greatly in their Mexico operation and sees great potential for silver production.

    GORO has a very healthy balance sheet since their spin-off of all the other mining companies like $MUX $AG I believe that it has more potential and can stabilize better. They also have a very low float and had 2 institutional buys recently from BlackRock and Schwab.

    Strong Earning Call with some REAL Forward LOOKING Guidance and the Short Sellers will like this GUY when the BULL Breaks OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    $MUX conversation
    one of the posts on stocks twits don't know if it has anything to do with the pre market of Mux.

    1/27/21, 09:37 PM
    remember when I told you I had time for this?? That was at 20 cents. Watch
    next. They're shorting the he'll out of it.


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    $SVM.TO conversation
    All I can tell you is that fortunes are made buying on the bottom ascending trend line. Yes the big8 short might push it down spot again but the other vehicles are not responding the same way. JP Morgan alllllllll the Canadian banks including hedgies are coming to the same conclusion.

    $AAG.V is a pure silver play
    $GPR.TO is running a very nice Bull flag
    $ELEF.TO is holding strong and waiting to pull weight
    $EDR.TO is the only up, on this down silver miner day
    $IPT.V imho will explode higher, just look at the chart
    $MUX.TO Has been good to me...
    $SVM.TO Seems to have one hell of a kick if we push back to $30 on spot.

    Thank you $DND for the opportunity to buy on the bottom trendline and get myself back in your version of a something better then a cryptocurrency you are outpacing them since your IPO, Just saying!!!!!!
  • A
    Would you all expect $MUX to outperform GDXJ ??
  • A
    $BAC conversation
    BAC holders...

    $Gold #Gold #WarrenBuffett 👀👀👀
    Watch for hig mvmt in gold....

  • j
    $GPL conversation
    Any speculation why gold prices are down so much today. We do know that it was time for a bit or correction. However, is it a concerted effort to sell off? On one of the recent video's by the CEO of $MUX he touched on the point that the banks do manipulate gold prices. I am wondering if this starts with backroom Fed Reserve policy discussions. Is it really the dollar fluctuation causing gold to drop....or could it be that gold demand/pricing creates the opposite effect on the dollar? What comes first? the chicken or the egg??
  • S
    $GPL conversation
    COME ON! GPL doesn't have to almost MIMIC TODAY'S GOLD AND SILVER MOVEMENT! Even at that, when they go down, GPL goes down BIG! When they go UP, GPL barely goes up! There is SOMETHING allowed to happen called MOMENTUM!

    Let's look at OTHER MINERS TODAY (and I think GPL has the most potential)

    TODAY GOLD: Up about 1.5%
    TODAY SILVER: Up over 2%

    $GPL UP 1.68%

    $EXK UP 7.28%
    $FSM UP 2.86%
    $AXU UP 4.45%
    $MUX UP 4.40%
  • D
    $ELEF.TO conversation
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $SIL.V
    $ $ $ $ $ $

    SPOT SILVER $28 of those depreciating $USD tomorrow. Looks like $30 is on the way.

    Everyone get to the right side of the boat those that stay short will be getting eaten.
  • D
    $EDR.TO conversation

    An average solar panel uses some 20 grams or 0.643 troy ounces of silver. Two-thirds of an ounce of silver in every solar panel may not sound costly given today's silver spot price.

    Quite a list!!!!! All will do a good job supplying the green electrification movement. Small to mid cap but with good volume.
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    $GPR.TO conversation
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

    Shorts R F'd The up trend Might just be starting. We should be at 26.60 not 27.30 on spot silver.
  • S
    McEwen Mining Inc.
    $MUX is going to fly without wings today.
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    $ELEF.TO conversation
    $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

    Great list JM Hold on to your hats when the second wave hits.
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    $SVM.TO conversation
    This feels like $28.30 won't be much resistance. YES I'M buying a full $ load of all my fav.

    $ $ AAG.V

    After all the fun settles and we smash past $30.00 just give cancan some love and keep pushing up $SUGR.V
  • m
    McEwen Mining Inc.
    rest of the week $mux and $GPL go up
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    $MUX conversation
    New Yahoo finance changes. As usual no notice and no explanation. Can't find things. Time for another source.
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    $AG conversation
    From Stocktwits: $AG, $GATO & $MUX shareholders have reduced their short position 15% to 30% within the last week.