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Monster Beverage Corporation (MNST)

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  • H
    Celsius Holdings, Inc.
    $CELH will be the next $MNST. please discuss
  • M
    I really want to hear their plan to actually start making money while growing. I want this to be the next $MNST. Commodities coming down will help.
  • M
    What are the chances $MNST buys $ZVIA? Been waiting for them to hop into the more healthy drink category.
  • d
    $MNST conversation
    Talks between Constellation, whose brands Svedka Vodka and Robert Mondavi wine, and Monster are said to be progressing
    The sands family will cut its voting power from 59.5 to 19.7% (giving shareholders a choice to vote)
    April 4, 2022
  • F
    $KGKG conversation
    An important consideration for longs. Those out of the gate with CBD the most quickly have the best chance of making it. $KO, $PEP, $MNST ALL will jump into the game quickly once all the national legal hurdles/questions have been answered. Most small CBD infused companies will die unless they can set themselves apart or have a good "head-start". $KGKG is a leader with CBD & building up their distribution before the big boys jump into the fray. How is $KGKG going to set itself apart from the big boys?
  • i
    $MNST conversation
    when was the last time you had a Corona beer ?
    constellation brands, $STZ is low growth, with
    high levels of debt. this proposed merger would
    be bad for stockholders of $MNST , which is basically
    zero debt, and is high growth, the ideal stock to own
    for a long-term value-oriented investor. If you
    combine a high growth company with a low growth one,
    you end up with a mediocre growth company - especially
    when there are no syngergies --- the distribution networks
    are separate. Besides, Monster relies heavily on agreements
    with Coca Cola Company to keep their costs low --- that
    arrangement would no doubt evaporate, unless Coca Cola
    Company wishes to diversify into alcohol and spirits -- which
    historically they have opposed , since their brand is basically,
    "Mormon friendly".

    .. But as the spirit of antichrist, which is in
    the world, continues to grow stronger -- see how they deny
    Christ in the Christmas Season - replacing True Religion with
    rituals and symbolism that would make a pharisee blush --
    Coca Cola Company might yet open a liquor store near a Native
    American Reservation with drive-thru service. Such is the way
    of they who seek to maximize profits regardless of what it does
    to the Social Fabric, and the Republic - which is supposed to
    safeguard the wealth of they who acquire wealth by lawful means.
    The role of a CEO is to maximize the Value Per Share of a company,
    subject to legal constraints. And the laws of the land reflect the
    ethics of the nation, if not the morality of all the citizens. This proposed
    merger, is a portentious omen of trouble ahead, spiritually speaking.

    Mary. Christ. Mass.
  • W
    Wall St.
    $REED conversation
    $reed is about to blossom. It has a great products. It got a deal with Canadian distribution co.
    It sells well on The $Amzn. It may become the next $MNST
    Monster used to trade at $0.50.
    Reed will Rise from the ashes .
  • F
    $KGKG conversation
    Beverage stocks are down today? I know $MNST getting hit on a downgrade.
  • F
    $KGKG conversation
    Paradoxically, the longer it takes the FDA to provide clarification on CBD rules & regs, the better it is for $KGKG, a smaller co. to grow and land contracts - as they are not waiting (like most seem to be) to get their product into to those states that have already opened the door. CA, CO, MI are very large markets. Some companies like $NBEV are dragging their heels waiting for national distribution & missing out on getting a head start. But almost everyone will jump in at the same time once CBD rules are clarified, $KO, $PEP, $MNST, beer companies, everyone. Am I wrong for thinking this way?
  • G
    Monster Beverage Corporation
    $MNST or $PEP at today's valuations? To me it seems like Monster is a better buy given it's growth prospects.
  • F
    $KGKG conversation
    Why are the big boys waiting before jumping into the hemp-infused biz? $KO, $PEP, $MNST? Answer: They are waiting for all the legal ambiguity to be removed by the FDA. But will they jump in? How can they not jump into the fray? I'm sure they already have the blends & designs for their new lines already completed. So, when they do many small hemp-infused drink companies will die. Will $KGKG make it? WHY? What advantage do they have? I can think of a few, but it's worth considering now & not being shocked when announcements come that $KO is introducing a whole new line of products.
  • S
    $PURA conversation
    There's no point looking at this stock everyday. for a few days it will be higher than kgkg, then for a few days it will be lower than $kgkg. If you are long, you are smart. Who cares for the day trades...Have more patience and be more pragmatic. let it run its course...Let the day traders trade, no need for excitement or become angry...remember you will be holding this for at least a year longer...FDA approved for epilepsy -> government approved and taken off schedule 1 -> full distribution in all supermarkets in the US -> RICH!!!!....Put it this way...23 years ago when Monster Energy drink was only .12 a share. Guess how much Monster Energy drink $MNST is today. If you want to pinch your pennies, go ahead..i don't mind losing these small all about winning the big war. Peace out penny pinchers!
  • s
    $APHA conversation
    Vic bought the Bismarck

    Vic now has a German Battleship

    Vic is gonna SHOCK many when he announces Diageo

    Vic gonna shock many when $MNST is announced

    Get on the Bismarck Battleship

    Closing GREEN today
  • R
    $KGKG conversation
    I think it is safe to say just buy it now at whatever you will make a profit regardless!! who knows what it will stop on? $MNST
  • W
    Wall St.
    $MNST conversation
    Sell $mnst and buy $reed
  • H
    $CELH conversation
    aside from the euphoria today make no mistake the earnings release this week has caught the eye of $MNST $PEP $KO and $KDP
  • s
    $PLUG conversation
    Is that daggone TGOD green......again????

    My wife’s $PLUG Ira went in at $2.06.......7000 shares now 13% higher

    there are #TwoGod in Cannabis , one has over 400,000 shares $TGODF named #WolfofWeedStreet and the other ain’t named Andy

    Brent Willis of $NBEV explained to me 80% margins in CBD beverages

    Andy hoping to break even.......Brent gave 50% margins to $TLRY .......

    And meanwhile $TGODF screaming bargain gaining every day before FIRST MAJOR #RedBull or $MNST Beverage contract

    Your results will vary and I PRAY Andy actually delivers Aug 6th $PLUG could actually CLIMB on Mercedes or Toyota Partner.......

    $NBEV HAS $TLRY , you will be FINE eventually.......

    $TGODF has ORGANIC.....the ONLY one gonna SCALE in 2020

    I ADDED more $TGODF this am at $2.29

    I’ve DONE 400% and it’s a GREAT FEELING

    You gonna watch me in late 2020 do it again ??? Or, RIDE ALONG ?
  • T
    $50 tomorrow
  • P
    PF Wagner
    $MNST conversation
    Bailed out and took my decent profit while I still had it. The P/E is now too damn high for a beverage company anyway. Good luck to the longs... I think you'll be needing it. I have a feeling $MNST will be testing its recent low of 81 fairly soon. BTW, watch out for the convergence of the 50 and 200 day moving averages around 91. If it breaks through there it will go to 81. Or lower.
  • s
    $ACB conversation
    Wolf admits losing $100,000 on $CTST and their lying Management

    I got taken behind woodshed by $TILT management lying

    Who has HONEST MGT and a clean Balance sheet and a MOAT around their business model ??? It’s NOT $CGC with Hiku and Tokyo Smoke writeoffs coming........

    So, the ENTIRE Cannabis sector is looking and searching for that WINNER in late 2020 that will TRIPLE to give them that 200% Gainer in one year like $CRON $6 to $29 ........or, that $ACB $4 to $14.......

    The ANSWER is $TGODF, the soon to be MONSTER and #3 CBD producer in WORLD .......from ZERO to HERO ♂️ in two years with 219,000 CERTIFIED ORGANIC coming online........research $NBEV $1.38 to $10 in a month.......was that ME lucky or damn good research, due diligence, and LUCK???

    Your LUCK will be googling HempFusion......and Syrmise BEVERAGE partnership with $TGODF......I’m 99% SURE U will make HUGE money with coming MAJOR NEWS and Beverage Deals with REDBULL and MONSTER $MNST ........the revolution in CBD will accelerate with FDA approval and States Rights congress approved Federal Banking and don’t forget LEGALIZATION and USA presidential elections 2020.....

    I’m betting LARGE on $TGODF .......and SO is #WolfofWeedStreet Jason Spadora......join the WINNERS in 2020 with Green Organic Dutchmen, 224 million Cash, HONEST management, and a GLOBAL CBD platform soon to be expanded with HempFusion

    @skiCBD , I’m your #CrazyUncleSki who has done the Due Diligence