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Meta Platforms, Inc. (META)

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  • e
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $META $WIMIBefore long, the stock price will let you get a satisfactory result, and what you insist on will be rewarded
  • D
    Dawg Pound
    $GOOGL conversation
    Bears are still on the sidelines saying the market is going to
    crash while they’re losing shares/money. Cover and stop
    preaching your doom & gloom.

  • A
    $WIMI conversation
    $WIMI $META $SNAP Bullish on whole sector..
  • A
    $WIMI conversation
    Cover me in sunshine.
  • A
    Who thinks we’ll end the day over $105 then $130 after earnings and $170 after and $META integrations
  • M
    Mr. Shockey II
    $NVDA conversation
    When the Wall Street crooks retire, do they look back on their careers of screwing people out of their money and laugh and smile, or should they just be rewarded with a massive stroke the day after they quit working?
  • R
    $GPRO conversation
    65% subscribers up is a phenomenal growth $TWTR $META $SNAP $AMZN $LYFT $UBER
  • M
    Mr. Shockey II
    $NVDA conversation
    Wall Street analysts (crooks) are the only job where you can be completely incompetent and miss 90% of you're forecasts and still be employed. What a pathetic joke.
  • F
    I hold $meta, $baba and $intc, what a disastrous week, should just keep buying qqq instead
  • H
    $WIMI conversation
    Friday tomorrow. Nothing but good vibes
  • c
    $WIMI conversation
    I missed this because i didnt take my own advice.
  • M
    $META conversation
    Facebook is rolling out an update that enables its 2 billion daily users $META
  • L
    Longterm Capital
    KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF

    🛑As I've been saying for a while now, China and EM are where you should be. But you can also be emotionally irrational and stick to EU/US equities. While looking back in the rearview mirror AND seeing your AUM collapse or get fired for underperforming BIG

  • s
    From next qtr, please move the earnings before SNAP reports $META $Googl
  • N
    $GOOG conversation
    Both $META and $GOOG are 7% down after $SNAP miss. Market thinks they all will be affected similarly by dwindling ad revenues. Volume and price action is reflecting that. Now what? Does not make sense to sell after 6.3% drop. Hold and hope for a positive surprise.
  • S
    $TWTR conversation
    The board will let Musk go without a break up fee. The company can't reveal the data on its bot accounts.
    Once disclosed, the massive amount of lawsuits by its customers spending billion of dollars in marketing is inevitable.

    After this, $META and $GOOG will be audited as well in bot accounts/clicks.
  • J
    $META conversation
    $META is good buy right here. Earnings won't be like SNAP. Everyone I know uses FB and Instagram, no one uses SNAP except 10-16 years old girls who like to look like Cats and Mickey Mouse - advertisers know they are wasting their time targeting those tweens who don't have enough lunch money, and those big advertisers are putting their ad money on FB and Instagram for certain 1000%.
  • z
    $META conversation
    $Meta has a 32% increase in HC yoy 😅
  • M
    Alphabet Inc.
    $VENA $GOOG $META let’s gooo!! Buying time
  • s
    $SNAP conversation
    waiting for $META ER