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  • R
    $UBER conversation
    Time for 30s .. Holiday and summer travel ahead in a big way $LYFT
    With rental prices continues to go up , It is $UBER or $LYFT
  • R
    $UBER conversation
    With holiday travel and Short squeeze expecting crazy run upwards for $UBER and $LYFT
  • R
    $LYFT conversation
    Every airport, every traveler using $UBER or $LYFT I believe in easy double soon..
  • A
    Artificial Stock PUMPING by FED
    $BABA conversation
    Inflation is Skyrocketing, but the US Government continues to PRINT Dollars and PUMP the US Stock Prices Artificially, while the Economy is Collapsing, Corporate revenues are tanking, the Valuations are Hyped at Max, the real resources are getting depleted.
    The main problem is ABSURD OVERVALUATION! Nasdaq Composite and other Fraudulent US Stock indexes got PUMPED by 150-180% in the last 1.5 years ARTIFICIALLY via infinite margin trading desks! The US Stock PONZI SCHEME will NOT last long! Nasdaq Composite was at 4500 not long time ago, with better fundamentals, but now the US Government turned the stock market into a free and quick capital gains sources via infinite dollar printing!
    The Solution: the world must reject the US Dollar as international reserve and trading currency!
    Soon insanely Hyped US Stock prices will COLLAPSE BIG TIME! Expect a HEAVY CORRECTION!

  • J
    $LYFT conversation
    Seems $LYFT is headed to 16
  • O
    $LYFT conversation
    $LYFT extremely oversold. $UBER already recovering $LYFT will follow. THE MARKET IS BRIGHT GREEN
  • C
    $TRIP conversation
    Fellow Trip & Travel investors Hedge your investment with Oil stock. PED (pedevco ) is at $1.1 now. Zero debt, a lot of cash with it, flexible merger and acquisition strategy. It could be 200~400% increase in near term. "Hungary says its backing of EU's Russia oil ban May 11 (Reuters)" that means "money 💰💵". Buy PED 🪔🛢️ when it is low

    $trip $trvg $abnb $sabr $tcom $lyft $mmyt
  • T
    $LYFT conversation
    $UBER should acquire $LYFT
  • D
    Airbnb, Inc.
    This is overvalued by a lot. It's going to suffer the same fate as $DASH and $LYFT. Growth stocks are out. It's cheaper to rent a hotel room 95% of the time. This is just an app for people who bought an overpriced home to try and pay the mortgage.
  • A
    Easy double from current price #TKAT
    Buy buy
    Halt coming shortly

  • A
    $AUST to 100$ today ?

    selling $uber $lyft $tsla and buying #AUST
  • K
    $TLLTF conversation

    One is delivering cannabis $TLLTF #Massachusetts
  • H
    $UBER conversation
  • A
    Buy #TKAT and pray for me later
    Selling #UBER #LYFT and buying #TKAT $tkat
  • D
    $TSLA conversation
    People are buying $ALYI like a Mutual Fund. The company has its hands in Zoomcar, IQST, EV Motorcycles, Cryptocurrency etc.. 400k share chunks being bought right now. Soon $1.00+ and that's before June when they Launch their first EV Taxies in Africa, 2000 of the first pre-order. Specifically designed to work with Ride share companies like $UBER and $LYFT.
  • M
    $TSLA conversation
  • D
    $UBER conversation
    Uber will be the bigger bet over time and will over take others. I have driven for mostly all the ridesharing and delivery companies and Uber and Lyft are tied for the best. I have found many drivers have left other companies to drive just for Uber. Drivers LOVE Uber and LYFT is not far behind. With $GRUB and $DASH, I would have to drive in between deliveries or sit in a parking lot waiting for orders. With $UBER, no matter if it is rideshare or delivery, my phone keeps binging. Uber has a small secret that will put it over $DASH...they have learned to take orders and double them up. So a small order/small tipper rides with a bigger order/bigger tipper. That way it makes it worth the drivers' time and gas. $DASH hasn't done this and punishes the driver for not waiting for a long don't have to trust me, but I am going hard $UBER. I drive $UBER and $LYFT just to buy their stock.
  • R
    Refreshed Rudy
    $AMD conversation
    which is a better buy where both are roughly same market cap?
    comp. a - newly listed, no track record, loses roughly $1b or 5% of market cap per year, special class of voting shares to original owners to control, no chance if profitability and no plan for at least 5 years; no likey to lead its sector will be much smaller player; in fundamentally flawed business model where participants who deliver the services on begalf of the company themselves are in a lising business midel.
    comp b has turned to profitability with extending access to tam; Stock price PRICE double in last year; is tech leader in their sector and has roadmap that assures it this position for 3 to 5 years; been around for 50 years; has its competition c*r*ping and scrambling to catch up poaching employees and firing lare numbers; competition understanding the meaning of underwhelming as it applies to the competition' products; major companies signing up to be their clients and partners..
    $LYFT $AMD
    company a or company b?
  • P
    $GRUB conversation
    Who needs middlemen? The future of delivery is almost here and now:
    Walmart teams up with GM's Cruise to test grocery delivery with SELF-DRIVING CARS. Under the program, customers in Scottsdale will be able to order from their local Walmart store and have it delivered via one of Cruise's all-electric self-driving cars beginning early next year. Walmart's latest test program allows the retailer to further tap into the on-demand food delivery market, a service that has surged since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. It also gives the company the ability to effectively compete with rival Amazon as they race to increase their market share in one of the fastest-growing e-commerce sectors.Last year, Walmart partnered with Silicon Valley autonomous vehicle startup Nuro to assist with grocery deliveries.
  • o
    $AWAY conversation
    We will be "away" from covid this summer. Travel Tech ETF "AWAY"