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KAR Auction Services, Inc. (KAR)

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    Sum Invest
    $CVNA conversation
    Carvana last week sold most of their wholesale inventory Adesa physical auctions across the nation. This was the 1st week that Carvana ran at Adesa. This week they have moved back to Manheim Express as their wholesale portal while a majority of the cars are sitting at Adesa. Seems odd that they would not use their own auctions to sell their inventory. Why pay 2.2 billion plus invest 1 billion then have inventory drop by 50% as competitors move from Adesa only to not run your own inventory there.... Drivetime and $KAR are waiting for this to BK and gobble up these assets!
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    Sum Invest
    $KAR conversation
    $CVNA is scheduled to close the sale on $KAR in the coming days. $2.2 Billion in cash and execute on gaining market share without the overhead while Carvana implodes. Then purchase back the high performing auctions at pennies on the dollar. Garcia Sr. and Drivetime will be trying to do the same thing but I imagine there might be an investigation going on by then.
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    $KAR conversation
    $KAR is going to fly.
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    Warren of Wall St
    $KAR conversation
    KAR Auction Services balance sheet is not looking in a great position with 249% debt
    KAR Auction Services (NYSE:KAR) - Fundamentals Analysis
    KAR Auction Services (NYSE:KAR): Not undervalued with an average financial health but pays dividend. Simply Wall St is a free app which gives investors access to institutional quality data and analysis presented in beautiful visual reports.