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  • r
    $ANF conversation
    my $GPS short is worth $800,000 today
  • s
    Buy the trends!!! this is how trends work... media.. media.. media. Celebrity... media. Plug power... media.. media.. Amazon.. media.. Walmart.. media..celebrity.. media. Biden.. media..BOOM 💥! I also invested in GPS. I understand the power of Media and celebrity... if you want to make a decent return on some play money... buy GAP $GPS.., the Yeezy line next year will make more money for GAP than they ever had in their entire lifetime. Hold for 5 years then sell. Everyone will be tired of YEEZY by then and you’ve made enough money to buy a tank top at Walmart and and rent a small yacht for the summer, Follow the trends... H2 is a trend.. the next new thing won’t be around for another 25 years..,by then you’ll be rich!!! My PLUG is LONG AND STRONG!! Literally and metaphorically.
  • M
    $CPE conversation
    Christmas Challenge to those with Dry Powder. I have none today.

    Gap $GPS 100 shares
    Wynn $WYNN 25 shares
    Emerson Electric $EMR 25 shares
    Bloomin Brands $BLMN 100 shares
    CitiBank $C 50 shares
    Dow Chemical $DOW 50 shares
    Oil Gas ETF XOP 25 shares

    Approx 14,000$

    If you do not have at least $16,000 Dec 2022, I will wear a Jets T shirt for one week.

  • R
    Lululemon Athletica Inc.
    Lululemon is starting to look like an excellent short.
    Few reasons:
    1. Expensive valuation. Market Cap is more than the COMBINED value of $GPS $HBI $AEO EV/Sales > 6
    2. limited growth prospects especially if they don't lower prices. Also seem like a Longshot for them to successfully launch in other product like shoes.
    3. At risk of becoming too 'cool and rich' for a public backlash it happen before think A&F, Victoria Secrets.
    4. Increasimg competition in the yoga space. Big brands like Nike are just now getting more serious about stealing lulu's customer.
    5. Brands like ATHLETA are successfully growing as they concentrate marketing to all woman. They use models of all sizes, Lululemon uses just female models that under idk under 115lbs maybe, check Instagram. Isn't this the reason Victoria Secret is getting public shame over?
    6. International Growth won't be enough to keep premium valuation with any weakness domestically (North America).

    Go ahead please tell me I'm wrong, I don't follow Lulu very close but if it goes to $200 before $100 I'll be having a closer look.
  • s
    $SLS conversation
    Was it just 5 days ago Sellas basically announced they have cured AML Cancer for Many patients.?. SELLAS Life Sciences @SellasLife·Feb 10News out of @PennMedicine: A study posted in @Nature showed how the impact of CD4 T-cells on CLL could lead to a cure. Watch as our SVP of Clinical Development, Dragan Cicic, MD, shares how our Phase 2 clinical results for #GPS parallel these findings. $SLS
  • R
    Real Immuno Investor 10
    $SLS conversation
    With such small volume, what would happen if just one fund wanted to pick up 100 or 200k for 2022
    $Gps minimum value 2B, 20x returns with a positive p3.
  • R
    $JWN really needs to focus on the inventory aspect. It’s a highlight of their business. Of course you can’t reach 2019 levels with all of the delays in manufacturing and shipping, unless you have excess inventory like $GPS and $M had. What’ll make this jump is reinstating the dividend and/or announcing buybacks. Which will happen at some point. $JWN is becoming a lean, mean; cash machine. After we have clarity on what the post pandemic world will look like, the sky’s the limit for JWN.
  • H
    Harry Ballz
    $CPE conversation
    Oil stocks are hopeless. Anyone playing $GPS today?
  • S
    $AMZN said clothes were best selling items over the weekend. $GPS sells clothes.
  • L
    $GPS conversation
    Cramer said on Mad Money last night that $GPS GAP is cheap and a good buy opportunity. I agree!
  • I
    $GPS conversation
    Ibezim16 days ago
    $GPS conversation
    GPS @ 13.05 on Wed Apr 6 2022 10:55 ET

    SELL, short or buy puts on GPS right now.

    BUY +1 GPS 100 20 MAY 22 13 PUT @.91 LMT
    * That was a good trade, provided 70% profit because those puts are now at ~1.65*

    Happy Trades to all
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    $SLS conversation
    So many hard hit stocks to invest in
    January will be a huge month for these hard-hit stocks. 10 riskier names to load up on, from JPMorgan.
    Published: Dec. 27, 2021 at 7:23 a.m. ET
    By Barbara Kollmeyer Follow
    Critical information for the U.S. trading day

    Come and get the battered high-betas. GETTY IMAGES
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  • J
    $expr it would be nice for investors to get some dividends like $gps. That will increase shareholders value tremendously. Just a wishful thinking
  • M
    $DKNG conversation
    This post is Not specific to $DKNG although I hold a large position since May 2020.
    If you look at stocks today 12/1/2021 Many (look at GAP $GPS American $AAL and OIL STOCKS some Industrials are trading (and this is shared by Goldman Sachs)

    As if

    1. It is literally Spring 2020 AND there IS a law ordered shut down in the US today.
    2. Not ONE airplane in the World will fly between now and March.
    3. The World Economically will be Worse post COVID (no cases) in the world THAN when we HAD Coronavirus in the World.

    I would seriously consider buying across the board. EVEN chip in wedges in some. The ONE man in California by the way had mild symptoms and just reported he has..........


  • W
    Wizard Trader
    $INPX conversation
    Ludlow Research initiates coverage on Inpixon $INPX based on their #GPS contact tracing technology for large stores
  • R
    For $JWN I think we will see a similar situation as $GPS, Gap is already back at its 52 week high. Nordstrom has been delayed because it had more stores closed for longer periods of time.
  • M
    $CPE conversation
    Down almost 11% premarket even with round number 73 of "Corona Virus" fears is a but overdone would you not think? I mean it is Premarket. You have to laugh. However, I sold a Put in GAP $GPS After a 30% decline in one day at 3:45pm. Whoever Bought that put (mind you after a 30% decline at 18pps (the GAP) is now today in the green by falling %#% backwards into another tired variant.
  • R
    $JWN is about a month or two behind $M $KSS and $GPS don’t worry. Nordstrom will catch up to them
  • S
    $AAPL lost appstore privileges and makes up by selling overpriced gadgets that people actually buy, by giving free OS updates. What can $GPS do to distinguish itself?
  • B
    Big Thinker
    $AFRM conversation
    So crucial to get out of names that have direct impact to supply chain issues, such as $JWN $GPS $M $WRBY $BIRD $PRPL and into tech names that have zero impact, rather they continue to collect a portion of the top line revenues from these companies such as $FB $GOOGL $AFRM