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    $ENB conversation
    $ENB sp sitting halfway between 52 WL & WH. Still a buy price for me! Thank you, Canada!
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    $ENB conversation
    Nice volume toward close! Thank you Canada for $ENB and $NTR
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Oil demand is recovering faster than previously expected, and unless OPEC+ puts additional barrels on the market on top of the plans to restore 2 million barrels per day (bpd) by July, oil prices will be heading higher as the gap will widen, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, told Bloomberg Television in an interview on Tuesday.. $ENB $COP $BP $OXY $CNQ $SU
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Demand is coming back faster than supply and we're going to need more supply to meet that demand," said Phil Flynn, senior analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago.

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its monthly report that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies, known as OPEC+, would need to boost output to meet demand set to recover to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022.

    "OPEC+ needs to open the taps to keep the world oil markets adequately supplied," the Paris-based energy watchdog said.

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    "Even if Iran is able to add to global supply, Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) still feels confident about the oil market."
    "Even aggressively assuming a restart in July, we estimate that Brent prices would still reach $80 per barrel in fourth quarter 2021," the bank said in a note.

    Goldman Sachs sees it now. $80 is in my opinion a conservative estimate.

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Hi-ho, Kermit here! Market strategists are bracing for the biggest jump in oil demand ever after drivers returned to the roads en masse.

    Goldman Sachs has predicted a 14pc jump in commodity prices over the next six months, pushing a broad measure of metals and oil up to its highest level in more than six years.
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    OPEC+ abandoned its meeting without a deal, tipping the cartel into crisis and leaving the oil market facing tight supplies and rising prices.

    Several days of tense talks failed to resolve a bitter dispute between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, delegates said, asking not to be named because the information wasn’t public. The group didn’t agree on a date for its next meeting, according to a statement from OPEC Secretary-General Mohammad Barkindo.

    The most immediate effect of the breakdown is that, unless an agreement can be salvaged, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies won’t increase production for August. That will deprive the global economy of vital extra supplies as demand recovers rapidly from the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    The cartel is on our side. Even though Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest oil production costs, their fiscal breakeven price is much higher since they need approximately $83.60 oil for a balanced budget. This is further proven by the fact that Saudi Arabia lost an estimated $12 billion in April 2020 compared to the previous year as a result of depressed prices .

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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Hi-ho, Kermit the Frog here!
    Alberta got its wish for the inclusion of support for large-scale, industrial carbon capture in the federal budget.

    The federal budget documents released Monday include plans for an investment tax credit for carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) projects. The technology – which forces carbon-dioxide emissions deep into the ground, keeping them out of the atmosphere – could play a major role in lowering outputs at refineries, cement and fertilizer production plants and power stations across the country. Significantly, it could also help to reduce emissions at Alberta oil sands operations.

    Details of the investment tax credit have yet to be fleshed out. Ottawa says it will move quickly to a 90-day consultation period on the design of the credit, after which it will announce more details, including the rate of the incentive.

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    Let’s bring this room back to life! Excited for tomorrow. Partnerships with $ENB and $SU. 1.8 million revenues in July only and no debt whatsoever. Man we are in for a ride
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    $MPC conversation
    $MPC earnings report coming 11/2; surprised PE ratio at 5.52.
    $ENB (Canadian pipeline) worth a look. I pay 15% tax on my divvy. Appreciate all the factual info posted on this board.( the other Dennis). GLTA
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    $REI conversation
    I'm reposting Jim's post from the SU conversation. It is extremely interesting to understanding the price movement in oil yesterday:

    $SU conversation
    Short data: March18 ,2021

    Today, Short sellers employed all of their tools in order to bring oil stocks and future contracts down.After failing to create a sell off in oil stocks ,they started to shorting April and May contacts for future oil.They brought WTI to 59$ from 64$.Biggest single drop since April2020.

    As you see in below data, compare to share price drop, the volume was extremely low.
    This volume does not match with share price drop.
    That was just a pure and irresponsible manipulation.

    Most media in the World censored this extraordinary event in capital market.
    We are talking about tens of Billions of $ contracts and options which they are trying to kill them, plus covering their short position with creating fake sell off(scaring shareholders).

    So far, we haven’t had sell off.Low volume.
    They prefer spent and burn few billion dollars and sell stocks at discount, but meanwhile save tens of billions of money in other side.

    Extreme and irresponsible manipulation which will have consequences in future of oil market ,especially in next OPEC+ meeting and their next policy.

    Explanation about below data:
    Vol: The total volume numbers of first hand shares which is coming into market for trading.It is different than total volume that you see in yahoo or elsewhere.Because in total volume one share can change many hands between traders.But original amount of coming shares and shorted shares are constant for day.

    For Canadian Stocks the volume is just for US market.
    SU : (Vol 2.326M shares), (Short 0.769M shares ), (33% of coming shares for trade)SU :
    XOM (Vol 12M ), (Short 5.715M ), (48% )
    CLR (Vol 1.129M ), (Short 0.703M ), (63% )
    CVX (Vol 3.363M ), (Short 1.784M ), (53% )
    OXY (Vol 8.277M ), (Short 5.32M ), (64% )
    CPG (Vol 0.693M ), (Short 0.314M ), (45% )
    CNQ (Vol 0.664M ), (Short 0.217M ), (33% )
    ENB (Vol 0.885M ), (Short 0.57M ), (64% )
    BP (Vol 3.458M ), (Short 1.265M ), (37% )
    CVE (Vol 1.543M ), (Short 0.978M ), (64% )
    CDEV (Vol 7.627M ), (Short 4.025M ), (53% )
    FANG (Vol 1.087M ), (Short 0.505M ), (47% )
    CPE (Vol 1.615M ), (Short 0.697M ), (43% )
    MRO (Vol 10.09M ), (Short 5.662M ), (56% )
    SLB (Vol 4.484M ), (Short 1.632M ), (36% )
    HAL (Vol 2.948M ), (Short 0.971M ), (33% )
    RIG (Vol 12.58M ), (Short 7.285M ), (58% )
    TOT (Vol 0.553M ), (Short 0.378M ), (68% )
    PXD (Vol 0.859M ), (Short 0.51M ), (60% )
    COP (Vol 2.865M ), (Short 0.808M ), (28% )
    BKR (Vol 1.79M ), (Short 0.659M ), (37% )
    LPI (Vol 0.417M ), (Short 0.181M ), (44% )
    PDS (Vol 0.054M ), (Short 0.02M ), (38% )

    #XOM, #CLR , #CVX , #OXY , #CPG , #CNQ , #ENB , #BP , #CVE , #CDEV , #FANG , #CPE, #MRO , #SLB, #HAL, #RIG , #TOT, #PXD , #COP, #BKR , #LPI , #PDS
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    $VLO conversation
    Wow...S&P 500 Energy Index Fund was up 10.61% last week according to the WSJ. More to come in 2022!

    #MPC, #PSX, #HFC, #COP, #CVE, #ENB
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    $ENB conversation
    Thank you Canada for $NTR and $ENB! Good luck from USA
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    $ET conversation
    $ET $NOG $XOM $ENB All are about to prosper from Colonial shutdown.
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    $ENB or $PPL..what do you guys think?
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    $BTE.TO conversation
    #API ;););););) Holy!
    #Crude -5.437M
    #Cushing -1.345M
    #Gasoline -2.761M
    #Distillate -2.888M
    #OOTT #OIL $CL_F

    4:30 PM · Sep 14, 2021

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    $BTE.TO conversation
    Hold on energy investors. Transfer of the tech to the oil! Its what makes the world go round! The next big war will be from lack of oil!

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    $ENB conversation
    @Jerry. Curious as to the other two high divvy yields you referred to yesterday. Enjoyed your op-Ed on $ENB
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    - Oil & Gas
    - $4.4M qtr net revs
    - $1.4M cash on hand
    - Gas contracts with U.S Federal Govt
    - Contracts with Eco Energy and $SU ($19)
    - $ENB ($39) downstream partner
    - No RS or Dilution
    - Insider Holdings
    - Future plans for Buybacks & Dividends
    - Reserves Report in Sept