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Discovery, Inc. (DISCA)

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    $DISCA conversation
    Its finally our time. We all here holding this with full belief in this business. Lets go #DISCA
  • M
    $viac pe is 6 $disca is 15 . Buy $viac
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    $NFLX conversation
    People don't understand how the market moves. $NFLX was part of basket of stocks a lot of big money was behind. Also the flows guys were using it as part of the dispersion strategy. It was long these bunch of names short a bunch of other. For long $NFLX position they were short $DISCA $FOXA $CMCSA and $VIAC now that tax-loss selling is done, they algos are selling $NFLX.

    So glad I covered my short straddles on Friday. This is exactly what I was looking for. Disappointed I didn't go long straddles at least for the day. On a long-term fundamental basis this is so overvalued. Prob stays above $580 until earnings.
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    $DISCK conversation
    My response to @steven on $DISCK $DISCA
    "@Steven Thanks. I see Discovery as a bird in the hand with great return possibility given the power of this monster merger creating the second biggest media entity in terms of annual revenue only after Disney. The attractive aspect is the above 60% FCF conversion. Guess that is made possible because both Discovery and WarnerMedia own so much IP and content they do not have to spend on licensing content and they can gain synergy out of what they produce for legacy cable/TV business but making them available on streaming also. Also together they will be spending $20B in content combined with a very strong existing content library giving entities Netflix a run for their money. That gives Discovery+WarnerMedia incredible bargaining as well as pricing power. Malone IMO is a very smart player & has done a coup in architecting this mega deal getting the crown jewel WarnerMedia assets including HBO to merge with Discovery! Under Discovery's CEO, David Zaslav, Warner Media will thrive with a better culture. Also I see the merger as some situation where the merged entity will be N times powerful with the incredible scale they achieve thus creating more revenues compared to if they operated individually. Discovery's strength in very high in demand unscripted programming combined and their binge watched libraries with stellar premium content from HBO MAX is a lethal combo in addition to Discovery's existing presence across the globe especially Europe enabling it to present the combined content and gain market share. The ad supported tier in Discovery+ has proven to be hugely popular as it is cheap but per customer ARPU is almost double due to higher priced ads of premium products, expensive cars etc targeting higher end customers (who will watch home improvement - ones with homes and cash to improve the house or similarly targeting people interested in watching shows on travel channel). Now T announced an Ad supported tier on HBO Max also mostly following the success at Discovery+ strategy. May be Zaslav's influence is there already. You are right in thinking that the combined entity may attract a third player. Such scenarios are possible."

    These are just opinions. Time will tell if I am right!
  • S
    $DISCA conversation

    Discovery's passionate viewership and content library, along with obvious shortages of media inventory at Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Walmart Plus, makes $DISCA a great buy.

    Streaming and options will pressure cable and scripted content, but not unscripted content, which Discovery dominates and maintains huge competitive advantages in.

    Financial pressures will put cable networks that were able to produce new shows during quarantine — TLC, Food Network — in even stronger positions. “They have this machine that looks pretty unstoppable right now; to be surging this much in this cluttered environment is remarkable.”

    Ironically, during cable’s height, niche channels without scripted shows — such as Food Network and HGTV — were out of favor. But now, the more specific, the better: “I think a big piece of this is, do you have a brand that is distinct?”

    Food Network saw ratings spike during the coronavirus quarantines and has been drawing its biggest audiences in years. “We’re in better shape than scripted and I also think we’re in better shape having such a well-defined brand and a very specific swim lane of food.”
    Earlier this year, people started noticing something peculiar about MTV’s schedule: The network had quietly morphed into an almost 24/7 offering of just one show. At one point in late June, “Ridicu…
    Earlier this year, people started noticing something peculiar about MTV’s schedule: The network had quietly morphed into an almost 24/7 offering of just one show. At one point in late June, “Ridicu…
  • T
    $T conversation
    Elliot Management's statement on the AT&T $T and Discovery $DISCA news from today

    "today's announcement represents another impressive step in the Company's recent evolution. AT&T has now executed on its promise to streamline operations and re-focus on its core businesses"
  • k
    ViacomCBS Inc.
    $DISCA had overall good results. revenue increase but also less 3% of subscribers. DISCA holds 4% of the streaming market in the US while VIAC has 12%, 8% via Paramount + plus 4% via Showtime with a total of three times more content than Discovery. viac in Q2 will have a streaming increase of about 5.5 million new users because last quarter paramount + held 7% of the market and now holds 8% Showtime held 4% and now this quarter is also at 4% with a total growth of US market streaming of 25%.if we sum it up, it turns out to be a growth of 5.5 new users
  • j
    If you look to $disca and $t you can see they pop at same time, broken the down trend and same time. Need to be something about the merge.
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    $NXST conversation

    Following trade press reports late last week, the WSJ says big advertisers are now set to exercise cancellations options for Q3 network ad spending. Kantar Media shows weekly ad spend was down ~40% y/y throughout April. We think the upfront process is unraveling, and as we reported yesterday scatter pricing is also down considerably and could put advertisers in a position to push for 2020-21 upfront pricing that's down y/y and/or below scatter. The WSJ says marketers remain concerned about the economy, and about future programming (likely including both entertainment and sports). The article says new ad contracts will include more flexibility around easily cutting spend if a new wave of coronavirus impacts economic activity.
  • t
    Last week $T ceo, this week $DISCA cfo, first insider buys of this merger.
  • D
    $DISCK conversation
    Love seeing green a few days in a row! Well deserved $DISCK $DISCA and longs!
  • C
    Cat Eyes 😸
    ViacomCBS Inc.
    $DISCA dropped 3.9% and $VIAC 3.2% today. Why people are linking it with Discovery? The bad ER of $DISC is shadowing $VIAC it appears?
  • S
    $TSLA conversation
    Take a look at $DISCA - a hedge fund who had 4x leveraged position on DISCA and margin call hit. Result? Stock plunged 35% in 2 days.

    With the recent TSLA price, there may be a large buyer who had margin calls on them imo.
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    Twitter hanli1105
    Americans spent 44% more time streaming video in 2020Q4. The streaming wars among $NFLX, $AMZN, $CMCSA, $DISCA, $VIAC, $T and $DIS really begin now post COVID. $DIS + growth is slowing down, but content is what it matters. $DIS will survive strong.
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    $DISCA conversation
    The Olympics have started and $DISCA and $DISCK are going to make $$$ via their Eurosport properties!!!
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    $disca $bb $clov 🚀🚀🚀
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    David W
    $VIAC conversation
    David Faber @davidfaber 3h
    CS not done yet. Selling 19m shares of $DISCA and 22m shares of $DISCK, according to traders.

    I think this explains a couple things...
    1) Big move in DISCA after hours (down 5%)
    2) It seems (purely speculation) that CS was not done selling VIAC after last Monday's block trade offer between $41 and $42.50

    On point number 2, look at the volumes. Back down to 32 million traded today for VIAC - essentially an average trading day and up almost 2%.

    Selling on VIAC seems like it's done or we'd be hearing about it...
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    محيي الدين
    Americans spent 4% more time streaming video in 2020Q4. The streaming wars among $NFLX, $AMZN, $CMCSA, $DISCA, $VIAC, $T and $DIS really begin now post COVID. $DIS +
  • T
    Hello guys and girls what’s the difference between $DISCA & $DISCK is it only voting rights or is there anything else I should know? Looking to start a position and not sure which one. Any info would be appreciated both seem to be great value?
  • d
    $VIAC conversation
    Dougie Kass

    Conclusions of my opener on @realmoney:
    Sell banks, short brokers.
    Buy $DISCA and $VIAC (trading long rentals)