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D.R. Horton, Inc. (DHI)

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    $MHO conversation
    I was drawn to HOV like a moth to the flame once I realized they are 10x as profitable per $1 of revenue than the big boys and have actually held their profits better than the big builders last 3 quarters.

    I use a fairly simple measure of a homebuilder stock: How much $ in earnings per $1B of sales.

    The big boys $LEN and $DHI have averaged about .50 in earnings per $1B in sales. The last three quarters have been down, down, and down for both in terms of earnings/revenue. This last quarter was THE WORST for the big boys. They earned as little as .35 per $1B in sales. That is a lot of work for an adequate, but still kinda paltry earnings...

    $HOV and $MHO are much, much more profitable per $1B in revenue (which HOV doesn't even have, but it's a reference figure). HOV, for example, is the MOST profitable small homebuilder that is public at $400M in market cap, they earn between $8 and $9 in earnings per $1B in sales. YUP, more than 10x more profitable than large builders!!!

    MHO is a market cap of $1.3B and they do much better than large builders as well, like 6-8x as profitable per sales.

    So the bottom line is I bought both HOV and MHO today on the downturn. Both have enormous backlogs, are selling EVERYTHING immediately, have tons of cash (in HOV's case, almost 50% of market cap is cash).

    These small builders are beat-down, trading at 35-45% of their prior highs.

    YET they are still enormously profitable, have plenty of land at "locked-in prices well below today's value. MHO is already buying back their shares, HOV will probably do the same soon. Both are BIG in Florida which is the #1 market in THE WORLD.

    YES, Jerome will raise interest rates several times this year, we all know that.

    These two stocks, and probably ALL the homebuilders, are silly oversold. The public has been told don't buy home builders stocks in rising interest rate environment but I studied the industry last 20 years and that is just not true unless interest rates go above 8%, it does not hurt demand.
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    $MTH conversation
    $DHI price is higher than $MTH in history!
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    $DHI conversation
    Maintains Raymond James Financial Outperform USD 85 » USD 89
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    New Residential Investment Corp.
    Good article on Seeking Alpha, especially the comments:

    Mortgage lender profit outlook falls for nine straight quarters: Fannie Mae $FNMA, $FMCC, $WFC, $JPM, $BAC, $USB, $ORI, $FAF, $NRZ, $OCN, $DHI, $KBH, $PHM, $TOL, $LEN, $NVR
    Profit outlook for mortgage lenders fell for nine straight quarters in Q4 2018 as demand for loans to buy homes and to refinance existing mortgages declined, according to Fannie Mae's (OTCQB:FNMA -2.1
    Profit outlook for mortgage lenders fell for nine straight quarters in Q4 2018 as demand for loans to buy homes and to refinance existing mortgages declined, according to Fannie Mae's (OTCQB:FNMA -2.1
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    $RKT conversation
    a crowd forming to watch the Rocket Mortgage launch after home builders #DHI beat earnings. each time large shares are offered on the ASK the buyers gobble them up.. watch for the silver burrito #rocket launch to
    Mortgage stock after clearing 17.50-18..

    after Salesforce #CRM join announcement with RKT, many Calls were loaded.

    who bought those large Call Sweeps in $18 $19 $20 Calls past few days in #RKT ? the option data below is snapshot at 9:30am NY time Nov 9
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    $DHI conversation
    Definitely be a record quarter for Horton as the Express homes and recent acquisition contribute to its sound growth. This should reach $40 by end of year withstanding a correction from the November election. If Hillary gets in we are FUBAR.
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    $DHI conversation
    What idiot would make such a statement while they're producing a record quarter? A home less then $200K is on the market for 4 days or less in our area. You must be in Chicago.
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    $DHI conversation
    Today Evercore initiates DHI with a buy rating. Also Bill Miller said this AM on CNBC, it's time to buy the home builders . Certainly oversold
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    $MTH conversation
    why is MTH languishing when $DHI and $LEN are rebounding?
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    $DHI conversation
    Sure is a lot of spam on this site. Way more than on other stocks I follow.
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    $DHI conversation
    All major builders down today despite DHI strong results and up market.....makes no sense to me.
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    $DHI conversation
    Yahoo. Every time they change their format they succeed wonderfully in making it worse! Amateurs!
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    $DHI conversation
    what kind of idiot thinks americans are going to buy MORE houses in a few months? the ho is going to lose their shirt betting on this craptastic "industry"
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    $DHI conversation
    Tracy, your observation is correct, get ready for DHI, spring time is coming soon.
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    D.R. Horton, Inc.
    Housing will go boom, then bust, while the stock is immobile.
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    $DHI conversation
    What happened to the competitor comparisons?