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Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (DGX)

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    $DGX conversation
    what happened with $DGX ? Last night during the press conference, Pence mentioned again LabCorp and Quest a couple of times, as they're supporting the efforts. Pre-Market those 2 stocks went up 6.5% last night. Now, the market opens, and despite everybody else being up 3%, Quest is negative -0.4% ? why
  • R
    Sold my entire $DGX position to buy $OPK. Looks like that was the right move
  • B
    $DGX conversation
    So Amazon is being reported as a major threat to $DGX since they might enter the self-testing med space. Oh yea, okay, I'm sure AMZN will just spin up their own reg compliant labs to process millions of various tests....

    Reality is that IF Amazon actually enters this space, they will need $DGX as a partner.
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    $DGX conversation
    The stats released Saturday indicate that California has 288 confirmed cases of coronavirus/COVID-19.
    The stats released Saturday indicate that California has 288 confirmed cases of coronavirus/COVID-19.
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    45M market cap vs $CODX 370M and BIOCEPT actually has some revenue compare to CODX ! Wake the ef up longs, hold on to this, way undervalued, priced for a takeover bid. You cant achieve for 45M from scratch what they have done so far. If the management learned from the 3rd stupid dilution the stock would already be over $1 ! $DGX will buy it while this cheap. Weak day trading hands get LOST !
  • R
    Meanwhile $DGX & $LH... Let’s just say I’m glad I sold DGX and went on $OPK. I’m already close to 100% return in about a month
  • R
    So $OPK up 144% since last month. How is $DGX & $LH doing..?

  • R
    Gasbagger54 said earlier this week: “Educate yourself ,Fool . Quest and LabCorp r running circles around these clowns . GSOGB”

    DGX & LH down 12% since june started

    OPK up 8% since june started

    This is why I left $DGX for $OPK
  • M
    A little bump in the div should be coming.
  • b
    $DGX conversation
    DGX notes:
    DGX Lower price/book 2.59 vs LH 2.88
    Lower p/e ratio 14.86 vs LH 22.82
    DGX pays dividend, LH does not
    LH current ratio 1.54, DGX 1.28
    DGX balance sheet much stronger, LH debt much higher.
    DGX operating margins 18.67% much better than LH 11.55%
    Summary: DGX appears to be the best value in the major diagnostics sector.