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  • M
    $XELA conversation
    You voted the wrong guy
    Live with it…
    $xela $spce $Pltr $snap $evgo $chpt $blink $sklz
  • H
    HW Graff, Trading Savant Returns
    $UVXY conversation
    A week ago, Karl said he was in $CHPT at $22 now $18, down -24%
    Karl got into $CEI at 1.84, a day after his announcement stock trading as low as $0.69
    When I told everyone to buy $Tsla at $78 in March 2020, Karl said he was shorting.. he had to be paper trading or he would be deeply in debt in less than year
    When $Fubo TV dropped, Karl caught the falling knive at $26, and stock subsequent dropped to low teens
    Karl said he got into $shib-usd at 0.000074, it is now trading at 0.000028
    Karl and Rich bragged about jumped into $RMO at 4.50, now it is a low $2s.
    Karl said he bought $ltch at 7.79, now 7.14
    The good thing he was trying to be cute in front of straight men of time, he knew better he could not afford trading, his trades are fakes or he would be deeply in debt.
  • D
    $CHPT conversation
    Capital just upgrade $CHPT to BUY target $24
  • H
    HW Graff, Trading Savant Returns
    $UVXY conversation
    $Cei and $Chpt are Karl's ladyboy stocks. Karl likes to buy at peaks and pick dogs in market
  • H
    HW Graff, Trading Savant Returns
    $UVXY conversation
    $Sofi $chpt are same tyoe of dog stocks.. karl and monk been pumping since $30 and $20s, finally one dsy up, they thought it cancelled out all the bad days where they had lost -60% to -40% prior
  • K
    $UVXY conversation
    $CHPT is a great buy at this price! Josh Bown got me into this beauty!
    Buy it and forget about it..
  • H
    HW Graff, Trading Savant Is Back
    $UVXY conversation
    $chpt LOL, $17 again, and this time more down coming
  • K
    $UVXY conversation
    Back to my old avatar..
    I added 1000 more shares to $CHPT
  • H
    HW Graff, Trading Savant Is Back
    $UVXY conversation
    Warrior monk tried to kiss up to Karlz Ladyboy $chpt trade, down to $15 this morning from 3 weeks ago $23 when karl said he was in
  • M
    $TPGY conversation
    #CHPT is worth 8B, right now TPGY is worth 16x less. If merger happens, how do you compare them? Also, how much of Evbix will TPGY shareholders own?
  • W
    Wishy wish
    $TSLA conversation
    EV Busses us next big thing. Infrastructure bill allocated a ton of money for school busses. Just move over some if your money to EV bus $BLBD $GP $PTRA diversity guys to even $chpt. Don't all eggs in one basket.
  • V
    Volta (VLTA) to provide charging infrastructure to Cinemark and Macy’s retail location across the nation. That’s big.

  • H
    HW Graff, Trading Savant Is Back
    $UVXY conversation
    Karl's call of $chpt at $23 double down at $19.50, Name Nobody calling $SOFI near every week since 2021 when it was trading mid 20s. Chris calling of Shib when it was trading 0.000072 and $ltch when it was trading $8. Again day traders are loosers victims of billionaire manipulation. Those 3 are the biggest liars of trades and call after the fact, any before the fact calls are guarantee -50% to 80% lost
  • G
    Blink Charging Co.
    Go $CHPT
  • O
    $CHPT conversation
    If you were going to bet anything on any EV charging company $CHPT should be top of the list

    Not only does it have a huge market share in the US already but what's even more important is their European exposure

    Europe is more consistent with respect to pollution. And so EVs will be taking an earlier gain on ICE cars vs in the US. So it's easy to see more money being made there early as the US catches up in EVs on the road

    In the US $CHPT has already got a deal to place fast chargers in 4,000 (that's right, four thousand) different Travel Plazas across major highways. This is where the real money in the EV charging business will be made imho

    Just my $0.02
  • J
    Johnny Utah
    $EVGO conversation
    $CHPT hit with a Neutral rating by JPM, no effect. Up 36% in 30 days. $EVGO up 142% in same period hit with a Neutral and it foes red. I think it's the hedges, banks, etc., looking to get back in when they missed out at $8-10/share. Then again, a lot of regular ppl making money here and looking to buy a small dip. Institutional buy in up over 3% from last week. Gonna be a ride with news cycles - expect $13-$14 as a bottom. Credit Suisse FoS on their analysis. Feb is a ways away for another EPS/Rev report.
  • R
    $FCEL conversation
    $FCEL $RMO $PLUG $CHPT are stocks for the future, who cares about the short term volatility. Great future ahead.
  • A
    $CHPT This is a secondary offering. Shares are not being diluted, this is simply an exchange of shares between people on the secondary market. There is no reason to sell, everything is fine, relax everyone.
  • G
    $CHPT going to 50 dollars.
  • B
    British Aviator
    $NAKD conversation
    Patience is a virtue. Figure out whether you're trading or investing. Stick to your plan (VITAL FOR BOTH STRATEGIES) and block out the noise. $tsla $nio $pltr $abnb $cciv $chpt