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  • B
    Bones Cache
    $CHPT conversation
    $CHPT should correct higher!
  • V
    EVGO taking off. Heavy volume coming in. 5 analyst buy PT between $11-$21. GL

  • V
    Credit sussie starts EVGO at Buy with PT$11 that’s 50% upside from current price.

  • C
    I have $CHPT & BLNK and I see BLNK chargers @ each movie studio lot I’ve been on in CA (which is a lot of chargers) Which will need to be significantly increased cause Cali’s love our EVs. Where are all the $CHPT chargers?
  • r
    $CHPT conversation
    I am one of the believer for the transition of transportation for the whole world I invested too early all my money for a different comp. lost almost 50% of $93000 my savings. I don’t know how long can I take back my money but all I can do right now is hold it for 5 years and see how it goes. $LCID, $CHPT, $NIO, $LEV.
  • L
    $CHPT conversation
    zack predicted disappointed earning from $CHPT
    I am crossing my fingers hoping $CHPT reporting sale grow...
  • H
    HW Graff, Trading Savant
    $UVXY conversation
    My $Chpt entry yesterday
    Date Type Description Categories Amount $
    08/31/21 Bought 4000 of CHPT @ $21.3853 (Order #20763) Unassigned - 85,541.21
  • w
    $KPLT conversation
  • b
    $RMO conversation
    Here are some facts about RMO and why we should see it go much higher.
    1. Market cap $650M (was $5.2B!!)
    2. Cash on hand $267M ( enough for 3yrs without making revenue) while they expect to bring rev in Q3.
    3. have their own patents + working factury
    4. 32% held by insiders + 28% held by institutions
    5. short % of float around 30%
    6. cash and revenue should start coming from Lion Electric
    7. new sharp CEO with impressive resume!
    8. production for Paccar long term contract is about to start.

    IMO the risk reward ratio and current price is laughable and its a strong buy in my opinion. its just too good to be true. I am super bullish! do your own DD.

  • K
    $IDEX conversation
    EV and EV wireless chargers $IDEX will acquire VIA Motors valued at up to $630 million.

  • M
    My Name is Nobody
    $UVXY conversation
    Good morning friends, traders, psychotics and sociopaths 🙃
    Looks like we are headed for yet another mostly Green Day in our markets today. $CHPT looking quite strong and $SOFI has been climbing back up nicely after taking a significant dip. $SKLZ is on it’s way back up after dipping to an excellent buying opportunity in my opinion same for $WISH which has been recovering nicely as well. As always, good luck with your trades everyone✌️
    PS-A little sage from a direct descendant of Marie Laveau for all of the negativity 😉
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    My Name is Nobody
    $UVXY conversation
    $CHPT showing some real strength today 😎
    Getting ready to sell some more again and lower my base average on this investment again. This is a good long term hold in my opinion and using dollar cost averaging is a very good way to reduce your base cost shares on these. With this latest move, my new base cost average will be around $18.25 now as always good everyone with your trades. ✌️
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    My Name is Nobody
    $UVXY conversation
    Bought more $CHPT @ $24.50 to add back to my base holdings of this one looking to swing it again to lower my average cost again. I will buy more if it drops below $24. As always good luck with your trades. 😎✌️
    PS-Haters going to hate, traders are going to trade 😉
  • s
    $CHPT conversation
    Maintains Needham & Company LLC Buy USD 39 » USD 35
    Target Lowered by Jefferies Buy USD 40 » USD 36
  • H
    HW Graff, Trading Savant
    $UVXY conversation
    While $SKLZ was dropping from $32 to $12, Warrior Monk/My Name is Nobody/Jack Rabbit Multiple aliases holder had been claiming he had "Bought Today" every week while riding it downhill. His "bought today" never ends. I guess people with high school diploma repair air conditioner for living grew up in foster home never knows when "Bought Today" ends. The following is Just an example of how "My Name is Nobody" has been claiming "Bought Today" from 5 days ago and today, when price dropped from $14.50 to $12, a tip of iceberg. "EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY" should be on Warrior Monk's TShirt.
    My Name is Nobody
    9 hours ago
    $UVXY conversation
    Nice day day for bottom feeding yesterday. Got in TLRY @ $13.95, also picked up SKLZ $13.25, CMPS $32.85, CHPT $22.90. Entered several low ball buy orders yesterday hopefully taking advantage of oversold conditions. Just making sure to give accurate information for you backseat traders 😉 Time will tell how this all works out. Good luck everyone with your trades today
    My Name is Nobody
    5 days ago
    $UVXY conversation
    Buying some $CHPT and $SKLZ back again Lol! Best not to have all of your money in 1 egg in case it ends up on your face ✌️
  • E
    $EVGO conversation
    Took half off $EVGO and put in $CHPT. I should have done this after the merger. Wasn’t smart enough and paid a BIg price!
  • A
    $BLNK conversation
    $CHPT $SBE Investors need to remember that most SPAC valuations are stated based off the $10 IPO and PIPE prices. At $36, the equity value for ChargePoint when the deal closes is much closer to $11.0 billion based on 305 million shares outstanding after the merger. The company expects to have around $450 million in cash on the balance sheet after paying transaction fees and repaying outstanding debt.
  • O
    $CHPT conversation
    If you were going to bet anything on any EV charging company $CHPT should be top of the list

    Not only does it have a huge market share in the US already but what's even more important is their European exposure

    Europe is more consistent with respect to pollution. And so EVs will be taking an earlier gain on ICE cars vs in the US. So it's easy to see more money being made there early as the US catches up in EVs on the road

    In the US $CHPT has already got a deal to place fast chargers in 4,000 (that's right, four thousand) different Travel Plazas across major highways. This is where the real money in the EV charging business will be made imho

    Just my $0.02
  • R
    $FCEL conversation
    $FCEL $RMO $PLUG $CHPT are stocks for the future, who cares about the short term volatility. Great future ahead.