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ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. (CHPT)

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  • G
    G McGee
    $CHPT conversation
    Setting up nicely. Moving with the market (slightly stronger). Room for more movement up. New bottom will be above $14 in one month. Sure, recession is possible. But growth in the EV field is inevitable. Crowded? Yes. No reason $CHPT can’t hit $35 in one year. And, yes, I own $CHPT.
  • B
    Bones Cache
    $CHPT conversation
    Will $CHPT be able to follow the fed guidelines?
  • W
    $MULN conversation
    Future Mullen EVs equipped with Lithium-Sulfur batteries will be lighter, more efficient, and have greater range than most EVs in the market. $MULN $CHPT $NIO $BLNK
  • W
    $CHPT conversation
    Electric Vehicle Chargers $CHPT $EVGO $MULN $BLNK - Bullish
  • O
    $CHPT conversation
    If you were going to bet anything on any EV charging company $CHPT should be top of the list

    Not only does it have a huge market share in the US already but what's even more important is their European exposure

    Europe is more consistent with respect to pollution. And so EVs will be taking an earlier gain on ICE cars vs in the US. So it's easy to see more money being made there early as the US catches up in EVs on the road

    In the US $CHPT has already got a deal to place fast chargers in 4,000 (that's right, four thousand) different Travel Plazas across major highways. This is where the real money in the EV charging business will be made imho

    Just my $0.02
  • R
    $FCEL conversation
    $FCEL $RMO $PLUG $CHPT are stocks for the future, who cares about the short term volatility. Great future ahead.
  • A
    $CHPT This is a secondary offering. Shares are not being diluted, this is simply an exchange of shares between people on the secondary market. There is no reason to sell, everything is fine, relax everyone.
  • G
    $CHPT going to 50 dollars.
  • B
    British Aviator
    $NAKD conversation
    Patience is a virtue. Figure out whether you're trading or investing. Stick to your plan (VITAL FOR BOTH STRATEGIES) and block out the noise. $tsla $nio $pltr $abnb $cciv $chpt
  • J
    $XL conversation
    I dont think a big enough deal has been made about XLs charging station deal

    $Blink is worth 1.5B and has 3,275 charging stations. $CHPT has 68,000 charging stations and is worth 6.5B

    XLs contract to build 1,000 charging stations would mean that this is worth around $200-$500M of value to the company in charging stations alone, which is an entirely new line of business
  • R
    I stay because i know the future. The future is EV’s. It will be very a very bumpy ride until they are really rolling them out and more are buying the cars. I also see blink taking a hit so dont feel so bad about this going down. $CHPT is on the top 5 list of best charging stations. This wont be a fast money least not right now. Hold.
  • R
    $CHPT conversation
    $CHPT seems underpriced here. According to a bloomberg article $CHPT has a valuation around 2 Billion.
    Right now market cap is hovering around 1.1 Billion with 155 million revenue in 2020.
    Compared to $BLNK with a market cap of 1.5 Billion and only 6 million revenue in 2020.
    I like $CHPT as a buy and hold.
  • M
    Michael F
    $CLII conversation
    GM announced deals with major electric vehicle charging networks to offer its customers access to nearly 60,000 charging points across the United States and Canada. - says signed agreements with seven companies including $BLNK, $CHPT and EV Connect.
  • C
    -This has yet to reach main stream media
    -Institutions are not going to be able to buy until March
    -The Reddit crowd is drawing a lot of attention to game stop and the other seems stocks
    -The entire market is down

    Calm down, hold your shares. Today was a great day! $CHPT
  • G
    $CHPT to the SUN.🌞
  • S
    Silent H
    Switchback Energy Acquisition Corporation
    If $CHPT reaches $83 by Tuesday, do you sell or hold? Why?
  • j
    $BLNK conversation
    Moving from $BLNK to the more undervalued charging station stock, $CHPT (about to double).
  • A
    $TPGY conversation
    ill load up if deal is confirmed... otherwise i'm gonna stay in safer option Chargepoint. #chpt
  • P
    $LEV conversation
    $LEV $RMO $CHPT Lion 6x yoy and $225MN revs on books as of today for 2023. New facility will allow further growth.

    Vehicle order book1 of 817 all-electric medium- and heavy-duty urban vehicles as of May 14th, 2021, consisting of 209 trucks and 608 buses, representing a combined total order value of over $225 million.

    LionEnergy order book1 of 76 charging stations as of May 14th, 2021, representing a combined total order value of over $800,000.

    Secured an order of 260 school buses from First Student, a leading school bus operator on May 14, 2021, with deliveries expected to take place from the second half of 2021 to the first half of 2023.
  • M
    $TPGY conversation
    #CHPT is worth 8B, right now TPGY is worth 16x less. If merger happens, how do you compare them? Also, how much of Evbix will TPGY shareholders own?