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Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA)

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  • I
    $BABA conversation
    $NIO +6%, $BABA +4%, maybe I need take my money from WIMI to NIO or BABA.
  • I
    $BABA conversation
    $BABA Bulls don’t let these guys steal your shares by scaring you into selling. This is a BUY OP ... buy the fear. Know what you own in Baba.
  • B
    $WIMI conversation
    red to green? It's unbelievable! $BABA.
  • s
    $BABA conversation
    Target Raised by Robert W Baird Outperform USD 275 » USD 325
    Maintains Benchmark Buy USD 290 » USD 355
    Maintains Truist Securities Buy USD 285 » USD 308
  • D
    $MSFT conversation
    Microsoft and Sony need security to ensure the righteous path for success, they are great corporation. $NIO #BABA #WIMI
  • C
    $NIO conversation
    Ironic how bashers like to warn against Chinese “scam” stocks and would never buy them and then on the other hand you’ve got $NKLA. Been a long time holder of $BABA and new holder of $NIO. They’re both long term holds, not gambles.
  • B
    $FB conversation
    Pls keep your margin high enough, FB will be up, few days ago it was 303, keep calm. $GOOG, $BABA,$WIMI
  • p
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    A little over a week ago us bulls were getting laughed at by all the bears..........guess we were just letting them have that one laugh $BABA
  • N
    $BABA conversation
    $BABA is green when the $AMZN and tech in NASDAQ is getting slammed. Welcome change today.
  • A
    Covid 19 vaccine pharmacy companies keep dropping. I think the hype is over. Might as well buy $baba and $roku for the breakout. $mrna $pfe
  • h
    $BABA conversation
    How do we convert $BABA to $9988? Do we just sell and buy HK shares? Or we have to call our broker to do this?
  • J
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    biggest bull market and it’s about to get so much better!!! $BABA $WIMI
  • T
    $BABA conversation
    Susquehanna: BUY with USD 350 PT as of yesterday, according to TipRanks.
    So, $BABA still has plenty of upside!
  • S
    $BABA conversation
    Reiterated by Oppenheimer Holdings Buy USD 290
    Target Raised by KeyBanc Overweight USD 285 » USD 295
    Target Raised by Benchmark Positive » Buy USD 275 » USD 290
    Target Raised by Mizuho Securities Buy USD 290 » USD 300 2
    Maintains Raymond James Financial Strong Buy USD 290 » USD 320
    Maintains Bank of America Buy USD 301 » USD 317
  • A
    $FB conversation
    Pls keep your margin high enough, FB will be up, few days ago it was 303, keep calm. $GOOG, $BABA,$QCOM
  • B
    $NKLA conversation
    NKLA down 20% and ACRX up 20%...
    ACRX news leak? ACRX Buyout coming, or some news... ACRX might want to type in that symbol...

    also following $NIO (great electric car) $IQ (great online shows) and $BABA (awesome online buying).
  • F
    $NKLA conversation
    ACRX all time high RECORD DAILY VOLUME day, with ACRX up over 80% in a few days...
    watching also $NIO (top electric car) $BABA (top online buying) $IQ (top online movies)
  • I
    $PDD missed on revenue! What a joke if you consider the huge run this stock had recently!
    Long $BABA!
  • A
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    I've never seen any clear stock to invest my money in more than $Baba right now and the dip we had yesterday was a great chance to me to go all in , see you after earning
  • J
    is it true that $baba 3 months net income more than $amzn?
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