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  • J
    OK. i bought 200 more. now 50% of my portfolio is in chinese tech mogols alibaba $BABA and tencent (via prosus) $PRX !!
    the rest in OIL. i’m ready! bring it on.
  • J
    Jonathan Dhandho
    $9988.HK conversation
    Beijing injecting cash ✓
    $BABA continuing 2020 buyback program ✓
    Chinese IPOs allowed in US ✓
    Fears receding ✓
    Media turning ✓
    Earnings coming ✓
  • Z
    $9988.HK conversation
    According to @business, China’s securities regulator convened a virtual meeting with executives of major investment banks on Wednesday night, attempting to ease market fears about #Beijing’s crackdown on the private education industry.

    #China #stocks

  • K
    $EDU conversation
    $EDU China Moves to Reassure Global Banks and Investors After Market Rout; Securities regulator says future policies will be introduced more cautiously to avoid market volatility

  • s
    FYI, $BABA is strong buy,
    Call options for September, strike At the money, will make at least 200%, it will be game changer for many ppl who lost money here.
    I’m not a financial advisor, it’s my personal idea and could be wrong 100%, but Alibaba is an undervalued Chinese company, it’s stock price is expensive, but call options are cheap, it’s a strong buy.
    You can recover all of you loss in 2 month with huge profit.
  • F
    $EDU conversation
    $EDU rising 9%+ in HK, and thanks to China's SEC hosting emergency meeting to calm investors, HangSeng rose 2.7% and Chinese indices all rose 1-2% so far. Tomorrow likely another good day for Chinese stocks including $EDU, $TAL, $BABA, $BIDU, $PDD, $DIDI, $LKNCY, $DAO and many more.
  • J
    Jonathan Dhandho
    $BABA conversation
    Two words that you will need to make a TON of money with $BABA.


  • A
    $DOYU conversation
    When was the last time we saw 2 consecutive green days? One month, two months? This is going to fly and I am onboard the spaceship heavily loaded on $doyu $iq $huya $kxin $uxin $momo $yy $baba $lx $qtt $jd $baba $pdd $bili $qd
  • F
    Followup, Inc.
    wow, the CCP has rattled the china ADR stocks costing US investors probably half a trillion $ for the Q2. If if the CCP committees short the stocks, they must become billionaires. $bidu $baba $pdd $didi $tal. That is the problem when power is in few hands. GL
  • R
    $baba $Bidu take a hard look at today. Should be a long term bottom. Complete capitulation here.
  • A
    $DOYU conversation
    Got awfully silent here, either because I muted so many $5/h stock bashers or they have bailed themselves. $doyu $huya $baba $iq $qtt $pdd $momo $uxin $kxin $lx $yy $bili $jd $jt $wei $jfu $aihs $qd $bidu
  • J
    Jonathan Dhandho
    $BABA conversation
    13F is out just now. Uncle Charlie holding $37,491,000 of $BABA in his legendary diamond hands.
  • J
    Jonathan Dhandho
    $BABA conversation
    NJ state pension reduced $BABA and added to $AMC. Serious money getting into the meme trade. Not sure I’d be thrilled if I was an NJ retiree.
  • J
    Jonathan Dhandho
    $PDD conversation
    We can forget about Jack Ma and Ant Group now. It's about fundamentals and macro.

    YTD Price Performance
    $XPEV -18%
    $NIO -18%
    $BABA -21%
    $TCEHY -21%
    $JD -29%
    $PDD -54%
  • J
    Julius Caesar - Renaissance
    $BABA conversation
    $BABA and $TCEHY
    The future of Chinese tech starts today. The rise of the dragon will soon begin.
  • C
    Cathy sold $BABA today
  • E
    Elon Musk Jr.
    $BABA conversation
    CCP probably just bought a ton of $BABA let's be real. This earns more than Amazon and is valued for way less
  • k
    $BABA conversation
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited $BABA

    Total Debt (mrq) 179.91B
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited $BABA
    Book Value Per Share (mrq) 345.61
  • M
    $BIDU conversation
    If you think about it, this has to be capitulation. Trading close to book based on nothing but China fears.... Once DIDI fine comes, all China stock will reverse hard (reverse sell the news).

    $baba $jd $didi
  • S
    $BABA conversation
    earning doesn't mean anything for $BABA - what the market wants is how the management at $BABA would deal with Chinese government. oh wait, they can't do anything since it is under communism.

    don't forget - chinese companies raised billions of dollars from US investors and yet, it never paid out a single dividend.