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  • B
    Amp CAD
    I'm wired for sound $AMP UP
  • s
    $AMP1-USD conversation
    Buffett once said if you look at 20 stocks you will likely find 1 good gem.
    I looked at over 40 up & coming tokens, #AMP was a no brainer to me.
    This is the only investment that my heart has me on 100%.
  • J
    $AMP1-USD conversation
    This is the hidden gem in crypto! Those who know buy $AMP now! Huge growth to .10 or more....May 26, Cathie Wood and others speaking about the functionality of this token.
  • K
    Amp USD
    $AMP BACK TO 0.04 OR 0.12
  • K
    Amp USD
    buying $AMP at 0.04 will never happen again
  • G
    $AMP1-USD conversation
    I decided to actually research this ($AMP) and Crypto in general.. i justify large coin purchases mainly targeting any coins that are below $0.10.
    It seems to me that Crypto' acts almost like a "Barometer" with a constant measuring of societal sentiment and market mood.. It seems like the lesser known coins are brought to the forefront when we the people need a coin like $AMP..
    But what kind of coin, token is $AMP? I don't know how to answer that.. Even with all the research prior to buying, I still think about all the other coins i should've bought before i even confirm my current transaction..
    The "Sky is the Limit" for $AMP and so many more utility rooted type coins.. Coins that can contribute to better "Crypto" exposure for the "not so engaged" market space..
    My description of the nature of this coin may be out of the lane a bit, but that is the intrinsic beauty of the "Crpto Universe" as i see it.. And i'm inclined to believe there are just as many interpretations of Crypto as there are coins in this new way of storing and utilizing digital currency.
    Things are going to be so different in the not so distant future, and Crypto' is serving as a conduit to get people to understand how necessary it is to overhaul the current "Lopsided" financial infrastructure is now.
    When a 17 year old can become a Millionaire without ever leaving his or her bedroom..
    Taking a $20 a week allowance and turning it into a fortune seems to have blown the secrete of wealth out of the game.
  • K
    Amp USD
    $AMP is 👑 one token to rule them all..AMP will have Its day🚀 just like ethereum & bitcoin did.
  • A
    $BTC-USD conversation
    #Bitcoin & #Crypto Market Is Looking Massively Bullish IMO! #BuyTheDip #BTFD #Amp 💯💎🙌 #Shorts
    #Bitcoin & #Crypto Market Is Looking Massively Bullish IMO! #BuyTheDip #BTFD #Amp 💯💎🙌 #Shorts
  • d
    $WISH conversation
    Notable activity on social media in the past days

    1 $WISH - Up
    2 $AMC - Up
    3 $ETH - Up
    4 $CLNE - Up
    5 $AMP - Up
    6 $TRCH - Up
    7 $FB - Down
    8 $IVR - Up
  • K
    PayPal market cap 200 Billion
    $Amp.X market cap 5 Billion

    Keep buying…
  • G
    $COIN conversation
    Allow me to bring your attention to $AMP... Yup..I feel it in the air.
  • M
    Mustabinur Bhuiyan
    Why do I like $AMP??? Well, @amptoken by @FlexaHQ is developed by some brilliant people who gave $AMP a purpose beyond stored value. The network supports cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and others to be used to pay for goods and services, while the vendor receives payment in fiat
  • R
    $HOOD conversation
    $HOOD is just getting started! They haven't even offered Retirement Options the likes of IRA/401k, Roundups Investment, Robinhood Wallet or expanded their Cryptocurrency portfolio, etc. Imagine when they start offering these services on their platform. Can't wait to be able to buy on Robinhood Appadditional cryptos $SHIB, $LEASH, $BONE, $SAITAMA INU, $XLM, $ADA, $MANA, $LINK, $MATIC, $AAVE, $ALGO, $AMP, $FARM, $GRT, $REN, $SAND, $SOL, $TRX, $XMR, $VET, $XRP, $YFI, $UNI, etc.
  • S
    $amp bull flag
  • C
    $AMP conversation
    Hilarious, Feb 2015 $133/share. Today $88
  • M
    Amp USD
    #$%$ is $amp?
  • M
    $AMP-USD conversation
    Wish I could use the Flexa network powered by $amp to pay for legal ho*kers