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CT Senator, Chris Murphy Recognized BioWave for Continued Innovation of BioWave's Patented Pain Blocking Technology.

NORWALK, Conn., June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- HARTFORD–U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) announced that BioWave, based in Norwalk, CT, has been named April's "Innovator of the Month." BioWave is a patented smarter pain blocking technology that provides immediate, deep, long-lasting relief of severe pain. BioWave devices deliver therapeutic electrical signals through skin directly to pain nerves in deep tissue to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain relieving chronic, acute or post-operative pain. BioWave's technology has helped professional and college athletes, veterans and others suffering from chronic pain, get closer to a pain-free life and return to daily activities without the use of opioids.

BioWave Provides Immediate, Deep and Long-lasting Relief to Severe Pain
BioWave Provides Immediate, Deep and Long-lasting Relief to Severe Pain

CT Senator, Chris Murphy Recognized BioWave for Continued Innovation of BioWave's Patented Pain Blocking Technology

BioWave recently introduced a new patent pending product family called BioWraps® which are wearable compression electrode garments that are paired with BioWave's pain blocking neurostimulators. BioWraps use a proprietary silver fabric technology that allow for treating up to 5X the volume of tissue as compared to conventional electrodes while simultaneously providing compression and support.

"Imagine being able to treat and reduce pain across the entire lower back. We've also designed BioWraps for numerous other locations on the body. Our Foot/Ankle BioWrap is designed to treat pain throughout the entire foot and ankle, so we are very excited about the opportunity to help patients that suffer from painful diabetic neuropathy," said Bradford Siff, Founder & President. "We help manage severe pain and reduce opioid consumption for over 10,000 veterans per year in over 190 VA Hospitals and CBOCs (Community Based Outpatient Clinics) around the country, and we believe BioWraps are a superior technology for providing the highest level of relief for Veterans," said Robert Adler, Chairman.

"The team at BioWave is transforming pain care management for the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic pain that interferes with their daily lives. Their technology provides a safe, effective alternative to opioids that helps ease persistent pain, and I'm proud to recognize their innovative work in Connecticut," said Murphy.

"We are honored to be recognized by Senator Murphy. One of the keys to innovation is having access to capital as well as to high level resources that can facilitate the ideation, design and development process. Being located in Connecticut helps provide easier access to capital and to these key individuals and core outside services. So for example, we were delighted to have the State of Connecticut's venture capital arm, Connecticut Innovations, participate in our most recent round of preferred equity financing several years ago," said Bradford Siff.

Murphy believes entrepreneurship and innovation are the building blocks for a strong economy. In the U.S. Senate, he has introduced two bipartisan pieces of legislation to incentivize angel investors to put more money into startup companies—the Angel Tax Credit Act and the Helping Angels Lead Our Startups (HALOS) Act. Startup companies create an average of 2 million jobs each year.

About BioWave Corp.

BioWave is committed to delivering immediate, deep, and long-lasting relief to severe pain by offering innovative solutions to treat pain using the company's patented, high-frequency neurostimulation technology. Products include BioWavePRO and BioWavePENS, for use in a physician's office, BioWaveHOME RX, a home prescription portable version, BioWave GO RX, a portable unit, BioWaveGO an over-the-counter device, and BioWraps, wearable electrode compression garments.

BioWave technology and solutions are widely and used by many VA hospitals, active military bases, pain, and ortho clinics, along with professional and collegiate sports teams. BioWave devices are FDA-cleared, and clinically proven to deliver safe and effective treatment of pain without the need for prescription drugs.
BioWave is available under Federal Supply Schedule contract number V797D-70205.

More information about the company's products and solutions can be found at

Ania Kuniej
BioWave Marketing
(475) 283-9064


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