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Qualcomm Wireless Reach, Acer, Claro, Embratel, Calriz and Instituto Crescer Launch Project To Bring Laptops With Cellular Connectivity to Middle School Students and Teachers


NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / November 2, 2022 / Qualcomm Incorporated, through its Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ initiative, along with Acer, Claro, Embratel, Calriz, and Instituto Crescer, announced the launch of the ASCON project - Student Always Connected in October. During the initial phase, the program, which relies on support from the SME of Goiânia, will benefit seventh grade students.

In its first year, ASCON is providing approximately 100 students and teachers with Acer Chromebook511 notebooks equipped with the Snapdragon® 7C processor. These Always On, Always Connected Laptops (ACPCs) are available in Brazil for the first time. This new category of PCs is equipped with mobile LTE capabilities tailored to educational markets to ensure a continuous connection to the Internet. "At Acer we know that our devices are the window for students to see the world, learn, grow and often change their lives. It's such a big responsibility for us to limit our technology to an infrastructure or regions covered by wired or wi-fi networks, said André Teixeira, Senior Business Manager at Acer. "That's why we took the lead and are launching in this project our first notebook connected to the 4G network, which will further democratize connectivity and the Internet for students, collaborating with the future and development of the country."

"In Brazil, there are still young people who report not having basic skills for the use of computers. ASCON aims to bridge that gap and reimagine the way students learn, and educators teach by bringing the modern classroom to life and enabling a world where all learners are intelligently connected from home, the classroom, or virtually anywhere.

"At Qualcomm, we believe education is a key driver for economic growth and professional development. We are excited to bring notebooks with mobile network connectivity to schools in Brazil, enabling quality education to students wherever they are and whatever their economic status," said Francisco Soares, Vice President of Government Affairs at Qualcomm Serviços de Telecomunicações Ltda.


One of the program's main objectives is to foster an environment of digital inclusion where students have the tools to reach their full potential. Through ASCON, students will be able to increase their digital literacy skills by leveraging the use of the ACPCs at home and beyond the classroom, and in this way, taking advantage of the extended learning these provide.

"Technology and connectivity provide support for teachers to provide the best classes and for students to be able to advance within the education system, becoming citizens ready for the future. Embratel is very happy to be part of this project, which should generate very important fruits for Brazil", said Maria Teresa Lima, Embratel's Executive Director for Government.

To increase teachers' digital competencies, teachers will attend face-to-face and virtual workshops and access mentorship and coaching offered by Instituto Crescer. Topics covered will include cybersecurity, cyberbullying and emotional security, metaverse and innovative technologies, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies in society, research and basic programming concepts.

"In a world that is more connected, it is essential to improve digital skills so students can take advantage of all the opportunities that digital technologies and connectivity can offer. Educators experience new ways of teaching, which provide students with unique opportunities to access knowledge," explains Instituto Crescer Director, Dr. Luciana Allan.

The program will initially launch in three schools within Goiânia with the hopes to expand its reach in future years. "Goiânia invests strategically in the use of technology in the classroom. Now, in collaboration with companies concerned about the future, we will offer training to students and teachers using devices with mobile connectivity. This innovation will increasingly be a definitive part of the school routine," said Wellington Bessa, Education Secretary of Goiânia.

ASCON is a collaboration between Qualcomm Wireless Reach, ACER, Claro, Calriz, and the Municipal Department of Education of Goiânia (SME de Goiânia).

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