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Number of shares and voting rights at February 29, 2020


Name of issuer: NATIXIS – joint stock company (“SA”) with a share capital of €5,044,925,571.20
Registered under nr. B 542 044 524 RCS Paris
Registered office: 30 avenue Pierre Mendès-France, 75013 Paris

Information about the total number of voting rights and shares pursuant to Article L.233-8 II of the French Commercial Code and Article 222-12-5 of the AMF General Regulations.



Number of shares
composing current
share capital
Total number of
voting rights

FEBRUARY 29, 2020






Gross: 3,153,078,482


Net*: 3,150,517,398

* Net total: total number of voting rights attached to the total number of shares – shares without voting rights (treasury stock, etc.)

The €5,044,925,571.20 share capital has been registered by a decision of the Chief Executive Officer on Mars 1er, 2019.

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