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LACROIX GROUP : Revenue of financial year 2018-2019

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Revenue of financial year 2018-2019
(Released 12/11/19 after trading hours)

Accelerating growth of +7.3% in Q4
Annual revenue growth of 2.8%

LACROIX Group reports a revenue growth of +7.3% in the fourth quarter. The annual revenue of the Group shows a 2.8% growth to €481.7M.

As expected, the growth was dynamic in the second half of the year, particularly on the last quarter. This growth, partially offset by the effects of the fire at the Tunisian site, has been enhanced by the variations in the consolidation scope. In Q4, at constant consolidation scope (+€4.9M) and excluding the impact of the fire at the Tunisian site (-€1.3M), the revenue growth rate is +4.0%.

in €M 2019.09   2018.09   variation
Period Cumulative   Period Cumulative   Period Cumulative
Q1  116.5  116.5    116.5  116.5   0% 0%
Q2  122.6  239.0    121.3  237.8   1.1% 0,5%
Q3  125.4  364.4    121.2  359.0   3.4% 1.5%
Q4  117.3  481.7    109.3  468.4   7.3% 2.8%
Total 481.7     468.4     2.8%  

Over the year, the Group reports a +2.8% growth which reflects:

  • Very dynamic sales in infrastructure management equipment (organic growth of +17.5% on the Smart Environment segment and +6.4% on the Smart City segment), driven by the integration of SAE IT-systems in the field of Smart Grids (+€11.9M contribution over the year). Smartnodes, the start-up acquired during the summer, contributed only marginally to the revenue of the period. Tomorrow, it will strengthen the momentum of the Group’s revenue growth in the sales of smart equipment.
  • Sustained sales of electronic equipment for third parties, which enjoys a multi-skills and multi-sectors positioning. Set aside the impact of the temporary production stoppage at our Tunisian plant (-€6.2M over the year), the activity would post almost stable sales
    (-1.7%) with a positive Q4.

This growth level and the strong momentum in the sales of smart equipment enable LACROIX Group to confirm the significant growth of its annual result and the achievement of its €19.0M adjusted PFOA target.

Revenue breakdown per business:

In €M 30.09.2019 30.09.2018 variation
LACROIX City   104.7   98.4 + 6.4%
LACROIX Environment   59.2   40.3 + 46.9%
LACROIX Electronics   317.7 329.6 - 3.6%
TOTAL Revenue LACROIX Group   481.7 468.4 + 2.8%



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Upcoming press release: Results of financial year 18/19: December 17th, 2019 after trading hours.

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