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Ecoslops confirms its eligibility for the PEA-PME


Paris, January 13th, 2020,

Ecoslops, the cleantech that brings oil into circular economy, confirms its eligibility for the PEA-PME

Ecoslops meets all the eligibility criteria of the PEA-PME system as indicated in the application
decree dated March 4, 2014.

Are eligible for the PEA-PME the shares of European companies with less than 5,000 employees
and whose annual turnover is less than 1,500 million euros or the total balance sheet less than 2,000
million euros.

Consequently, Ecoslops shares can continue to be integrated into PEA-PME accounts,
which, as a reminder, benefit from the same tax advantages as the traditional
Pan Epargne en Actions (PEA).

Ecoslops is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris - Code ISIN : FR0011490648
Ticker : ALESA / PEA-PME & FCPI eligible
Investor Relations : - 01 83 64 47 43
Player of the circular economy, Ecoslops has developed and implemented a unique technology to upgrade oil
residues into new fuels and light bitumen. The solution proposed by Ecoslops is based on a unique micro-refining industrial
process that transforms these residues into commercial products that meet international standards. Ecoslops
offers an economic and ecological solution to port infrastructure, waste collectors and ship-owners through its processing