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Aéroports de Paris SA: Groupe ADP takes note of the decision of the majority of the representative trade unions not to sign all three agreements

Aéroports de Paris
·3 min de lecture


Novembre 2020, 5th

Aéroports de Paris SA
Groupe ADP takes note of the decision of the majority of the representative trade unions not to sign all three agreements aiming to adapt the company's model to its new environment

While air traffic had until now been under an almost uninterrupted growth for 50 years, the crisis linked to the COVID - 19 epidemic causes a sudden stop in air transport. The recovery of air traffic to the level of 2019 is expected at the end of the 2024-2027 period1.

Groupe ADP was so far structurally organized to accompany a steady development of its activities both in France and abroad, through its businesses, its social structure and its wage and financial dynamic. Following the pandemic and the lasting upheavals it will trigger, Groupe ADP needs to adapt to move from a development-supporting model to a model managing a situation of reduced activities and investments.

After consultation with the company's social and economic committee on the strategic orientations of Groupe ADP (2021-2023), the text of three agreements has been negotiated with the social partners during more than 160 hours over the last two months: a long-term partial activity agreement, in order to face the decline in activity; a collective mutually agreed termination agreement, in order to accompany the individual leaving choices of each employee; a collective performance agreement, in order to modernize the relationship with work and to share the efforts in a spirit of solidarity.

These draft agreements contained formal commitments to maintain employment and preserve skills. In particular, an "employment guarantee clause" prevented any layoffs for economic reasons from 2021 to 2023 in the parent company. These commitments were guaranteed by the signing of these three agreements, and it was indicated at the beginning of the negotiations that they formed a coherent and indissociable whole. They were all the more valuable that, in recent months, the health situation has deteriorated sharply, suggesting a later and longer recovery than that envisaged at the opening of the negotiations, initiated in August.

The lack of a joint signature of these three agreements by the representative trade unions representing more than 50% of the votes will require the necessary measures to be taken to adapt the company's economic and social model in line with its strategic orientations. Groupe ADP will act with a concern for balance between all stakeholders.

Investor Relations: Audrey Arnoux, Head of Investor Relations +33 6 61 27 07 39 –
Press contact: Lola Bourget, Head of Medias and Reputation Department +33 1 74 25 23 23

Groupe ADP develops and manages airports, including Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget. In 2019, the group handled through its brand Paris Aéroport more than 108 million passengers and 2.2 million metric tons of freight and mail at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly, and more than 110 million passengers in airports abroad. Boasting an exceptional geographic location and a major catchment area, the Group is pursuing its strategy of adapting and modernizing its terminal facilities and upgrading quality of services; the group also intends to develop its retail and real estate businesses. In 2019, group revenue stood at €4,700 million and net income at €588 million.
Registered office: 1 rue de France – 93290 Tremblay en France, France. A public limited company (Société Anonyme) with share capital of €296,881,806. Registered in the Bobigny Trade and Company Register under no. 552 016 628.

1 See the 9M 2020 Revenue press release, published on October 2020, 23rd